The results are in…Via rocks!

Contrary to popular belief it did not take me twenty days to decide what I thought of Starbucks new Via Instant Coffee — I knew what I thought the second I tasted it! — but it did take me that long to find time to blog again with the wee one taking up almost all of my waking hours, so, many apologies. The truth is, I’ve missed you guys, probably a whole lot more than you missed me (ha!) but, in any case, it’s very good to be back.

And now, at long last I can tell you that the new Via Ready Brew is absolutely fantastic. I was so shocked at how good it was that I literally failed my taste test.

Starbucks Via Taste Test Challenge #1

Starbucks Via Taste Test Challenge #2

Starbucks Via Taste Test Challenge #3

Seriously. I made such a face when I found out I’d guessed wrong that the barista actually laughed out loud. It was hilarious and I must say, completely surprising. Who would think instant coffee could taste exactly like brewed? Amazing.

I can’t vouch for the Colombian, but the Italian I had was so good that I actually bought a three pack to take home. And next time we go anywhere, you can bet your ass that a couple dozen of those cute little packages will be stashed somewhere in our Vue! Add some hot water at a gas station, stir, and I can drive all night, baby! Que viva la Via!


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2 responses to “The results are in…Via rocks!

  1. Ginger

    Too bad I’m not drinking coffee at the moment (shocking, I know), but as soon as I jump back into the world-o-java I will totally give this zany new marketing gimmick of Starbucks a try. 🙂

    And, I must disagree with your statement about who missed who more…I miss my daily (weekly?) pop culture/TC&G blog fix. Welcome back – keep on writing!!

  2. Hey, I did miss you! I kept checking in, thinking, Where is that lazy-ass yeti and what is he doing?! Glad you’re back.

    I didn’t do the taste test but it’s great to hear the Via is awesome. I can’t believe you actually bought something. What’s that like? I only take stuff home when it’s free!

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