Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS

I should start by saying that I am not a fan of CHEEZ-ITS. I know, shocking, right? They are comprised of three of my all-time favorite flavors: salty, cheesy, and crackery…but for some reason, CHEEZ-ITS are just not my thing.

Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS #1

So, when my Step Mom Wendy brought some down with her on her last visit, I gotta tell ya, I was a little wary. Then, I looked closer at the box. These were no ordinary CHEEZ-ITS, amigos…these were tiny Scrabble tile Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS. Wendy and I are huge, insanely-competitive Scrabble nerds — don’t even get me started on Lexulous! — so suddenly, this gift from the north made a whole lot more sense.

And for some reason, these CHEEZ-ITS tasted a whole lot better than usual. I don’t know if it was the fact that you could spell fun words with them before you ate them or whatever, but, man alive, these crackers tasted awesome!

Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS #2

Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS #3

Anyway…I have no idea how long the Scrabble Junior promotion will last, so, if you love word games as much as we do, then hurry on down to the store and pick up some of these rocking little CHEEZ-ITS for yourself.

Oh yeah, and just for the record, they do not have blank tile crackers…I checked.



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7 responses to “Scrabble Junior CHEEZ-ITS

  1. I didn’t you were a Scrabble nerd — so are we! We’ve got to play sometime.

    And if you’re getting into the Cheez-It flavor palette, you should try Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers. They taste like Cheez-Its, but are even cheesier.

    Thanks, all you food scientists in New Jersey!

  2. I’m a Scrabble nerd, too! I’d be so torn with these crackers. Do I eat them or do I play with them? What if I eat a tile right before I realize I needed it for a word that would’ve been worth 112 points? Do they have point values?

  3. SITTING DUCK: Yeah, Christine and I are huge Scrabble nerds. Although, she’s not as patient/obsessive about the game as I am and usually makes me use a timer on my turns…but we still love us some word play! We’ll have to have a tournament sometime!

    PCN: Sadly, no…they do not have point values. I was bummed about that too, do you know how many points I woulda got for “LUXE” if I’d played it on a triple word score! Man!!

  4. wendy-mom

    I tried those Kraft Mac-n-Cheese crackers and all I can say is “YUCK” but maybe that’s because I can’t stand the Kraft boxed mac and cheese….only the real deal for me! sorry if I’ve offended your friends.

  5. Great, my friend loves the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese crackers and my kinfolk hates them…now I have no choice but to try the darn things for myself. Thanks! 🙂

  6. After some of the kick-ass words you’ve been playing in our games of Lexulous as of late (i.e. ILEX or the numerous others I can’t think of at the moment), you can spell this with your cheese its:

    K-I-S-S M-Y A-S-S!


  7. I do believe these do taste better than regular Cheez-Its!! Can’t get enough.

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