Cherry Dr. Pepper rocks!

As huge fans of all things new in the world of junk food, Christine and I were thrilled to learn that Dr. Pepper — always the classiest of the soft drinks in my book, I mean, hello, the dude’s a doctor! — was improving on a classic with the introduction of Cherry Dr. Pepper.

Cherry Dr. Pepper #1

And yes, it’s as freaking awesome as it sounds. No, I take that back, this drink is ten billion times better than it sounds. Really, truly, this is the flavored soda pop we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least at our house.

Christine has been a “pepper” since she was a kid and you know I loves me some cherry-flavored shit, so buying a twelve pack of Cherry Dr. Pepper the moment it was released was kind of a no-brainer. And though it tastes amazing on its own, this beauty of a soft drink also makes spectacular ice cream floats.

Even Ryan and Laura (who are no fans of soda to begin with) were left breathless in the wake of this gorgeous, surprisingly subtle concoction. We had a little tasting party at their house the other night and they asked us to leave the unopened cans with them when we went home. Yep, it’s that good!

So, if you’re in the market for a tasty-ass caffeinated beverage this summer, skip the sickly-sweet Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee + Energy and pick yourself up some of this nectar of the gods. Seriously, all punning aside, it’s just what the doctor ordered…delicious!

Cherry Dr. Pepper #3

Cherry Dr. Pepper #2



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4 responses to “Cherry Dr. Pepper rocks!

  1. sarah

    Better than C.V.D.P. ???

    (translation: cherry vanilla dr pepper. it was such a commonly used name in my old household we had to come up with a nickname for it!)

  2. OMG…I’ve never heard of such a magical thing. Sounds amazing! Do they still make it?

  3. The Sitting Duck

    After reading your glowing review, we just had to try Cherry DP. It’s good! But to me, it doesn’t taste that different from regular DP. Not like the difference between regular Coke and Cherry Coke. But I did try the Cherry DP with vanilla ice cream in it (Breyer’s now makes a lactose-free ice cream — awesome!) and you were right about it being a great twist on the root beer float. Mike wants to try it with chocolate ice cream to get a “Cherry Garcia” kind of effect.

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