“Not Forgotten” to open at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood!

Just found out that my movie, “Not Forgotten”, will be opening theatrically in Los Angeles on May 15th at the Mann’s Chinese in Hollywood. Wow, from Slamdance to the Chinese…who knew?

No word yet on when the premiere will be, but I do know that the movie will open next week (May 1st) in Austin, Texas at Landmark’s legendary Dobie Theatre near the University of Texas. This is the same theatre were a young Richard Linklater launched his career with the indie sensation “Slacker”, so, I’m hoping some of the good vibes in the joint rub off on our movie too.

After opening in Austin, “Not Forgotten” will slowly roll out in a number of cities across the Southwest before landing in Los Angeles on the 15th. Aside from screening at the Chinese, the movie will also be playing in the Valley at the Mann’s Plant 16 in Van Nuys.

For updated information on screenings near you or to read our rocking-good reviews from the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, check out our homepage at: NotForgottenmovie.com. And in the meantime, pictured below, is the final theatrical poster for “Not Forgotten”. Enjoy!

NOT FORGOTTEN theatrical poster (final)


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6 responses to ““Not Forgotten” to open at Chinese Theatre in Hollywood!

  1. Tom F. Romero

    Great news Mr. Romero. Is your head swelling? I am sure the movie will be successful and more good things will follow, little grasshopper.

  2. Gypsy

    Yahoo – tell me when and where and I’ll be there!! The premiere or Mann’s – heck, I’d even go to Austin!

  3. Aunt Debbie

    Very, very cool!

  4. Cathy

    Our most heart-felt congratulations from the Moon family. First Greta and now Mann’s…what a time this is for your family!!!

    But I have to ask…um…did they have a séance with Georgia O’Keefe to design the movie poster?

  5. OMG, just finally got your Georgia O’Keefe reference, Cathy. Hilarious! And though I think it’s supposed to represent a ghost or even Santa Muerte herself, that strange flickering thing in the middle of the poster does kinda look like a va-jay-jay.

    Methinks Georgia would approve! 🙂

  6. So cool! Wow, first there was the American Mall premiere at the Cineramadome/Arclight. And now Not Forgotten at the Chinese. Next you need to have a premiere at the El Capitan and you’ll have openings at the Trifecta of iconic theaters.

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