Greta’s first Easter…

Christine and I spent Greta’s first Easter with Grandma Linda and Aunt Courtney at my brother Ryan and sister-in-law Laura’s house on Sunday, and though the wee one stuck to breast milk, the rest of us feasted like kings. Seriously, it was a pretty amazing spread…

Spiral-cut ham with an amazing Ryan-Romero-original glaze, Christine’s world-famous, cheeseless Potatoes Au Gratin — which are actually Nigella Lawson’s world-famous, cheeseless Potatoes Au Gratin, but are crazy-good either way — and my Mom’s homemade Key Lime Pie for desert. Yum!

Easter 2009 #2

Easter 2009 #3

Easter 2009 #4

After mostly eating out for four-plus weeks, a home-cooked feast like that was, well…kinda drool-worthy. And the ham sandwiches on white bread with a cold beer a few hours later was even better!

Oh yeah, and best of all, we got to pick at the goodies in Greta’s first Easter basket, because, well, newborns can’t eat Peeps (yet!) so, that was fun too!

And though I think one sickyly-sweet Cadbury Creme Egg is enough for a year or so, I gotta tell ya, those little Lindt carrot-shaped chocolates were incredible! Wow…so glad Christine spotted them at Target last week!

Easter 2009 #1

Easter 2009 #5

If you’d like to see more of the many pics we took yesterday, click here. And, in the meantime, Happy Easter everyone!


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4 responses to “Greta’s first Easter…

  1. Cathy

    I especially like the “Attack of the Chocolate Bunnies” photo. I could see that becoming a stop-motion short.

  2. Ah, reminds me of the days of old when you, me, Christine, and other friends and roommates would go to Brand Park in Glendale for an Easter Picnic (even though one of our roommates who shall remain nameless would say that “Easter is not a holiday.”) 🙂

  3. Yeah, except I don’t remember any of us ever being overrun by rabid chocolate bunnies back then! 🙂

  4. Ginger

    Awww…totally cute! Love the pics of Greta and her beautiful Easter basket. The Hello Kitty thingies look really cool. You and Christine could sell your Easter basket ideas to Williams-Sonoma. 🙂

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