TODAY ONLY: Free tacos at Jack in the Box!

I know I’ve been a pretty lame-ass blogger this past couple of weeks, but with the baby coming in a little less than two weeks, I’ve been trying to finish up work on other stuff lately and have been kinda swamped…sorry.

But when I head the news that Jack in the Box was offering two free tacos today to anyone who downloads the coupon at, I knew I had to break my blog silence and tell you about it.

Jack's X-ray...

I don’t know if you’ve been following the wacky, “Hang in there Jack” viral advertising campaign — launched with that hilarious ad during the Super Bowl…yes, we Tivo-ed the game for the commercials — but the updates about Jack’s health on the website have been pretty funny.

And while I don’t know if Jack will live or die, I do know what Christine and I will be having for dinner. Yay! Jack in the Crack tacos have always been my favorite thing on their menu…so, getting them for free is kind of crazy awesome!

Also heard from our free food guru, “Santa Fe Sarah”, that IHOP is giving away free pancakes today as well. Our IHOP in Burbank is super ghetto and is always way too crowded, so we’ll probably skip that, but if you’re interested, you can read more about the promo here.

In the meantime, pray for Jack’s speady recovery (that is his most recent X-ray, above) and get yourself some free tacos pronto!


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3 responses to “TODAY ONLY: Free tacos at Jack in the Box!

  1. sarah

    I’m glad you got your free tacos! I was driving by an IHOP on the way home from the gym tonight… almost pulled the car over. But the thought of pancakes after 40 minutes of cardio was a little pukey to say the least.

  2. Oh, man…those tacos rocked it tonight! I dunno if it was the fact that they were free or what, but they tasted seriously amazing! So, thanks for alerting us to their freeness. You rock!

    And I hear ya on the IHOP front…saw some pictures of the free pancakes on the news tonight and they weren’t the best looking hot cakes I’d ever seen. So, I think you made the right decision! 🙂

  3. Ahem, I think your friend James was the first to tell you about the IHOP promotion back when he commented about your Grand Slam experience. So suck it, Santa Fe Sarah! 🙂

    (Kidding! Kidding.)

    How funny. I hadn’t seen any of the commercials about Jack (that’s why God invented the DVR 30-second jump button).

    But I did happen to go through a Jack-in-the-Box drive-thru the other day — picking up food for someone else obviously. 🙂 And they had this ghetto laser-printer flyer taped to the window saying something about Jack being in an accident and that you can check his condition at blah blah

    I knew then it was some sort of viral campaign, but I didn’t care enough to actually check it out. So no free taco’s for me.

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