Martha and Conan share a 40 for the road…

Don’t know if you guys have been watching “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” this week or not, but tonight is Conan’s last show from New York City before coming west in a few weeks to take over as host of “The Tonight Show”.

Martha and Conan share a 40!

And though the shows this week have all been hilarious — we missed Carrie Fisher unfreezing the Masturbating Bear from carbonite, but it sounded awesome! — perhaps our favorite guest star has been Conan’s old pal, Martha Stewart. Showing up unannounced on Wednesday night’s show, Martha brought some now-classic clips of Conan’s 2002 appearance on “Martha Stewart Living”.

We’d seen the clips before, and the two have appeared on each others shows dozens of times over the years, but this last little visit on the old set in NYC was really sweet. TV bullshit aside, you can tell that these two really like each other and seeing as we love both Martha and Conan, seeing them together is like TV geek nirvana! Wow!

But even more awesome was the final parting gift Martha brought Conan. To commemorate a now-legendary visit to his show back in the days of Andy Richter, Martha brought Taco Bell bean burritos and a pair of ice-cold 40 ouncers for her and Conan to share. It was hilarious!

Martha and Conan share a 40 #2!

Martha and Conan share a 40 #3!

I’m sure Martha will make many a return visit to Conan’s show when he moves out here, but I gotta tell ya, seeing those two drink malt liquor while noshing on Taco Bell on the old Late Night set left us both a little verklempt.

Seriously, we’re gonna miss that shit when he moves up the dial an hour to 11:30. So, best of luck with the new gig, Conan, and here’s hoping we don’t weep too much while watching your final show tonight…

Conan’s last new show from NYC airs tonight at 12:35AM on NBC.



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4 responses to “Martha and Conan share a 40 for the road…

  1. I saw Martha’s original visit where Conan gave her a burrito and she gamely took a huge bite. Hilarious!

    I can’t believe Conan’s been doing this for 16 years. I remember when he was new (how old am I?!) and still finding his groove and Andy Richter was just the sidekick instead of the bad guy on recent episodes of CHUCK and MONK.

    I’m SO bummed I missed Carrie Fisher’s carbonite bit.

  2. Let’s go see Jay one last time before Conan takes over.

  3. Popculturenerd: OMG, I know…we were so bummed we missed the Carrie Fisher thing! Sadness…

    James: Totally! I think Jay tapes his last show at the end of May, so, let’s do it soon!

  4. Conan is a great host/writer/comedian. People are acting like he died or something :p He will still live, just in a different time slot, hehe.

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