UPDATE: Free Grand Slam Day at Denny’s!

I hope you all took advantage of Denny’s gift to America yesterday and got yourself a free Grand Slam Breakfast, but for those of you who missed out, never fear, because…as always…I took plenty of pictures!

Free Grand Slam day @ Denny's #1

It all started at 10AM when my friends Mike and Patty and I met up in the parking lot at the new Denny’s near the Burbank airport and found ourselves a place in line. Yes, there was a line, and it was long as hell, but hey, the food was free and the crowd was in a great mood…so, we had fun.

I think we waited in line for about half an hour — a small price to pay for free grub at the what I consider the best Denny’s in L.A. County — but once we got a table, our piping-hot food was up and ready quicker than you can say: “a side of hash browns for 99cents”. Seriously, the service was fast, man.

Free Grand Slam day @ Denny's #2

Free Grand Slam day @ Denny's #3

And while I’ve heard some grumblings from haters who didn’t think the line was worth the wait, I gotta tell ya from years of experience, free food events are not about the wait or the food…they are all about the experience.

And in today’s cruel economic climate, I can’t think of a better experience than a rocking free breakfast with America…so, thank you, Denny’s!


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4 responses to “UPDATE: Free Grand Slam Day at Denny’s!

  1. Cathy

    But where is a pic of the grub?

  2. I know!! I was so swept up in the moment that I forgot to take a picture of my food. Sad, huh?

    But, trust me, it looked and tasted amazing. And considering how crowded it was at that joint, that is a feat in itself! 🙂

  3. Tom F. Romero

    Hey that was a cool thing for Dennys to do. That is my favorite breakfast and favorite resturant!

    My least favorite thing is standing in line for half an hour for anything so I didn’t partake, but salute Dennys for doing it.

  4. I’m only a hater of the long line, not the food itself! 🙂

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