Two-fisted Kate Winslet!

Not only is she the youngest female performer to have wracked up five Oscar nominations at her age — with a likely two more on the way next week! — but Kate Winslet made history again last night by becoming only the third performer in the history of the Golden Globes to win two awards in one night. Insanity!

two-fisted Kate Winslet!

If I had to chose between her performances in “The Reader” and “Revolutionary Road”, I’d probably go with “The Reader”, but she was, as always, amazing in both films. I am actually hard pressed to think of a movie that Kate Winslet was not amazing in…oh, wait, I thought of one: “The Holiday”. Yikes…that movie sucked ass. Seriously toxic stuff…

But hey, one bad movie in a career of great one’s is pretty damn good. So, congrats to Kate Winslet on her two-fisted triumph at the Globes. I’m sure the two Laura’s (Linney and Dern) were relieved that Winslet didn’t act in any TV movies or miniseries this past year, or she might’ve swept those categories too!

Oh, and could she have looked any hotter last night? Wow, what a beauty…


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3 responses to “Two-fisted Kate Winslet!

  1. Melissa

    No love for Sally Hawkins? I haven’t had a chance to see Happy Go Lucky yet, but I love her and I love Mike Leigh. And my favorite part of award shows is when the acceptance speeches make me cry, so she was the winner of the night for me. There were a couple other tearful moments last night, but yay Sally!

  2. Ahh…I hate to admit it, but “Happy Go Lucky” is one of the few movies we have not seen this season. So sad… 😦

    I usually only like every other movie Mike Leigh makes, and it sounds like this one is great, so, I’ll have to try and catch it before the Oscars…

    I’m with you on Sally’s speech though…it was a good one! But man, I was just aching to feed her a cheeseburger or something…she looked like she was gonna break in half holding that Globe!

  3. I never saw “The Holiday” but even the most accomplished actor has to have a stinker in his/her arsenal. Don’t forget that even Meryl Streep was in the Zemeckis stinkfest, “Death Becomes Her.”

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