“Not Forgotten” to premiere at Slamdance Film Festival

Found out earlier today, just hours before a rocking cast and crew screening at Raleigh Studios, that my movie “Not Forgotten” will have it’s world premiere at this January’s Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Yay!

Long considered sort of the spunky, younger sibling of the Sundance Film Festival — which is also held in Park City every January — Slamdance has come into it’s own in the past couple of years and is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year with all sorts of special events and screenings.

"Not Forgotten" movie poster #2

And, as luck would have it, “Not Forgotten” is going to premiere at one of those special screenings on Saturday, January 17th, 2009. As you probably know by now, the movie stars Simon Baker (“The Mentalist”), Paz Vega (“Spanglish” and the upcoming “The Spirit”), Claire Forlani (“Meet Joe Black”), Chloe Moretz (“Dirty Sexy Money”), Ken Davitian (“Borat”) and a slew of other cool actors. I’m not sure who all is coming out for the premiere, but it should be fun!

Christine and I haven’t started making travel plans yet — still kind of reeling from the shock of it all, I guess — but I will be attending the Festival for sure. In fact, I’ve already agreed to speak at a Screenwriting Fireside Chat sponsored by the WGA’s Indie Film Department, on January 20th at noon. Crazy, huh? I guess no one else was available to speak that day…ha!

Sadly, Christine might not be able to fly out for the Festival — she will be well into her third trimester by then, so, our doctor may put the kibosh on travel plans — but I will be there in my snowy weather finest. So, if you happen to be in Utah in January, come on down to Slamdance, amigos!

To see a full list of the movies screening at Slamdance this year, click here. And if you wanna check out the groovy new “Not Forgotten” website, click here.


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6 responses to ““Not Forgotten” to premiere at Slamdance Film Festival

  1. wan

    Yay!!! You CAN have it all, J.C. Wyatt!

  2. wendy-mom

    If Christine stays home…do ya need any company?
    And all before you are 40, just as you predicted!!!

  3. vintagecaveman

    Congratulations, man!
    I’m jealous of you in so many ways…

  4. Hey, if they ask for your bio for the website, don’t forget to mention that you wrote a critically-lauded episode of Telemundo’s landmark Spanish-language sitcom, Los Beltrán. I wouldn’t want you to forget that major milestone. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the kind words, amigos! You guys rock…except for you, James. 🙂

    And, Wan, for the life of me, I could not figure out who J.C. Wyatt was…and then it hit me: “Baby Boom”! You know what’s really weird is that I watched that movie like, two days ago on AMC. That is so spooky that you would reference it now…unless of course you were watching Diane Keaton make homemade applesauce this week too. Either way, too funny!

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