Obama-Biden magnetic bumper stickers!

By this time next week the race for President of the United States will be almost over and Christine and I will be either dancing in the streets at midnight or moving to Canada. But whatever happens, we’ll always have the rocking Obama-Biden magnetic bumper sticker that arrived in our mailbox today!

Our neighbor turned us onto these cool magnetic bumper stickers months ago — back when they just said Obama — and we finally ordered one for ourselves last week. The coolest thing about these guys is that they don’t stick at all, which means no gross sticker goo on your car. Yay!

And as you can see, even our tiny Obama — still winded from his last-minute campaign jaunt up the coast — is excited about our new bumper sticker. Seriously, he was up all night trying to get Christine and I to drive him to Nevada to help secure votes. Man…that dude is persistent.

So though we don’t have the time to road trip it to Nevada like some of our friends, you can rest assured that we will be driving the hell out of our car this week to show this bad boy off. And if we change the hearts and minds of a few die-hard McCain supporters along the way…all the better!

Go, Obama!


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3 responses to “Obama-Biden magnetic bumper stickers!

  1. Slightly off topic … I’ve seen both Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin lawn signs in people’s yards, and I always wonder why people bother.

    I mean, if you’re a fan of Obama, are you really going to change your vote based on a lawn sign? Or if you’re a McCain guy, is someone’s Obama sign really going to sway you?

    Seems kind of pointless to me. But that’s just me.


  2. I agree, the lawn sign thing is totally out of control. There is a dude in our hood who had a couple of “Yes on 8” signs in his yard and they must have been stolen or something…so, today I caught him hanging, no kidding, six or seven BIGGER, BRIGHTER “Yes on 8” signs in his yard.

    I was so stunned that all I could do was roll down my window and loudly “boo” him as I drove past. Ha! That’ll show him! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I just plain don’t understand Yes on 8. What exactly are we “restoring” here?

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