Obama resoles his shoes…

That old lying, hate-mongering, Republican VP candidate, Sarah Palin, might call herself an “intellectual”, vow to name her next son Zamboni — I’m not kidding, she actually said that! — and spend almost $5,000.00 a day on fancy designer duds, but when it comes to keeping it real, no one, and I mean no one, can beat our man, Barack Obama.

As you can see in the super cool pic by Time’s Callie Shell above, Obama saves his campaign money by having his shoes resoled rather than buying new ones. Yep, while the McCain campaign runs to Neiman Marcus three times a day to keep Sarah Palin looking “fresh”, Barack Obama runs to his cobbler. Awesome!

Seriously, can you think of another modern-era politician who would do something that freaking practical? Man, just when Christine and I think we could not love this dude any more…we do! Wow…

Thanks to our friend Danielle for the link to Shell’s rocking Obama campaign pics. To see more of these beautiful shots for yourself click here.

And, as always…go Obama!



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8 responses to “Obama resoles his shoes…

  1. Youtube master

    If you want to see a video about Obama click at the link below:

  2. Ha! Thanks for the hilarious clip, Youtube Master…I had no idea Obama had such a great singing voice. He sounds curiously like Rick Astley at times…but, wow, good to know he can sing too!

    Is there nothing this dude can’t do? 🙂

  3. Bianca

    that series of photographs is so inspiring.

  4. I know!! The one of Barack and a sleepy Michelle on the bus is kind of crazy beautiful…

  5. Yeah, so the GOP spent 125 times more on Sarah Palin’s clothes since September than what the average woman spends on clothes in an entire year. But you know what? She looks fierce!

    She’s still a wackjob. But she looks good!

    Money well spent my GOP friends.

  6. vintagecaveman

    Kinda makes me want to resole my shoes like Obama does. Unfortunatly, I own almost 9 pairs of sneakers.

  7. I hear ya, Caveman. I’m having my flip flops resoled as we speak…

  8. Danielle

    Thanks for the Shout Out guys, you are awsome! It is an honor….coming from one of my favorite Blogs


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