FX cancels “The Riches”

Unfortunately, the Season Pass list on our Tivo just got a little leaner with the announcement this week that FX is cancelling one of our favorite shows ever, the pitch-black satire of American consumerism, “The Riches”.

Maybe it was too dark, or too weird, or, hell, maybe it was too freaking awesome for TV! But for whatever reason, the brainiacs at FX have decided to let the show go the way of it’s God-awful sister show “Dirt”. Cancelling “Dirt” I understand, that show was just plain stupid, and Courtney Cox? Wow…bad.

But “The Riches” had it all, baby! Juicy storytelling, totally original characters, a super cool concept — a family of modern-day gypsy “travelers” assumes the identities of a normal, all-American “buffer” family in the burbs in an attempt to go straight — and some of the best acting you’ve ever seen on the small screen.

Sure, the leads were awesome, Eddie Izzard can do no wrong in my book, and Minnie Driver’s tragically-flawed character broke our hearts on a nightly basis — I’m not kidding, yo, she rocked! — but this was a show were even the smallest part was amazing. Seriously, even the crazy, catatonic Grandma with like, four lines, was incredible.

And though the kids were all out-of-this-world-good, I gotta say our favorite character was Driver’s neighbor, Nina, played by the rocking Margo Martindale. Martindale has guest-starred in practically everything, but here she was given a chance to really explore a character over time, and she totally ran with it!

Married to a gay alpaca farmer — hilariously played by “Passions” regular, Bruce French — Martindale’s repressed, self-medicating housewife evolved over time into the one person Driver could truly confide in. In lesser hands, these crazy characters could become types, but Driver and Martindale made Dahlia and Nina into living, breathing women of substance, and watching their relationship blossom was really beautiful to watch.

And when Driver lied to her about something major on the season finale, and Martindale knew she was lying, the look on her face was just…wow…I mean, give this woman an Emmy already!

So, though we’ll never know how things turned out for the Malloy/Rich family and their strange, Southern-Gothic brood of extended friends, co-workers and enemies, I gotta tell ya, our lives have been richer — no pun intended — for knowing them. Rock on in rerun heaven, amigos!



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8 responses to “FX cancels “The Riches”

  1. Aunt Debbie

    WHAT!!!????? That is totally my favorite show. With all the “crap” on TV these days, its amazing that great shows like this get cancelled in favor of some stupid reality show or other lame “soap”. Dang!!!

  2. Damon

    I started watching The Riches because it was produced by Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin– two of the writers on my favorite show ever, Carnivale. They were instrumental in raising funds for strike relief, and put on a great fundraiser at Royce Hall with Eddie, Sarah Silverman, Tenacious D, and others.

    I was told by a couple of months back by someone from upstairs at F/X that this would probably happen, hinting but not saying that their allegiance to the WGA last winter may have hurt them with the PTB at Fox.

    Whatever the reason, it’s a drag to see it get cut off before it really got going.

  3. yeti9000

    Wow…if that’s true about the “PTB” then I just might never watch FX again! That sucks!!

  4. Margo Martindale should have totally been included in that recent Entertainment Weekly article about the hardest working actors. She’s right up there with some of the great character actors.

    The article is in the issue with hot little Zack Efron on the cover.

  5. Pardon me … that should have been Zac Efron (without the K). 😉

  6. Melissa

    Love Margo Martindale! Check out her segment of Paris Je T’Aime if you haven’t already. Brilliant.

    Every time I look at this photo, the kid in front of Eddie Izzard reminds me of one of those Bruce Willis/Demi Moore daughters that isn’t Rumer. Am I crazy?

  7. wan

    Dude. Manewell and I were totally into this show. We LOVE Eddie Izzard and the kids on this show are not cloying and precocious – I have an issue with child actors…

    I’m sad that the whole thing won’t get tied up. They were amazingly good at one upping themselves.

  8. yeti9000

    I know!!! We are so bummed… 😦

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