Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor: Breast Milk Swirl?

Just when we thought those lovable nuts at PETA (People for the Ethical Treament of Animals) couldn’t get any weirder, they sent a letter this week to Ben & Jerry’s urging them to replace cow’s milk with human breast milk in all of their ice cream flavors. Yep…I said breast milk, as in, from a nursing mother.

Still don’t believe me? Read the letter for yourself here.

Crazy, huh? I don’t know what kind of breast milk business plan PETA has in mind, but my guess is that this is one flavor even those crazy hippies from Vermont will take a big old pass on.

However, if they do elect to make the switch from cow’s to sweet mother’s milk, I imagine a few thousand of the intimidating-looking breast pumps above will come in mighty handy at the old ice cream factory.

As for me, I think I’ll stick with the Cake Batter Ice Cream for now…


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6 responses to “Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor: Breast Milk Swirl?

  1. jerseyman411

    I once drank my wifes breast milk. It was actually pretty good until I found out it wasn’t cow milk. I actually think she also bought her electric breast pump from

  2. yeti9000

    Thanks for your comments “Jerseyman”, but the bigger question is…did your wife make ice cream out of it?

    Ha! Just kidding…but yeah, that heyyoubaby site is pretty cool. Wonder if they sell ice cream makers? 🙂

  3. jerseyman411

    I’m sure you can contact them and suggest it! 🙂

  4. Mmmmmm. Makes my mouth water just thinking about breast-milk ice cream.

    Can’t wait for New York Super Placenta Chunk! 🙂

  5. yeti9000

    Good Lord!! Wow…I don’t think I’ll be able to eat ice cream — of any flavor — all week now! Yuck!

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