Brenda Walsh packs her bags…

I’m sure you’ve already heard the joyous news by now, but after filming her four contracted episodes of the super-lame new “90210” this week, our beloved Shannen “Shando” Doherty is leaving the show for good. Yay! There was some initial buzz about Doherty possibly extending her stay on the show, but thankfully, for the Brenda Walsh lovers of the world, that is not to be.

I say “thankfully”, because, if you recall, Christine and were borderline-offended by how bad this new, Aaron-Spelling-less version of “90210” is, not to mention how woefully underused the ferocious, crazy-eyed character of Miss Brenda Walsh was.

So, now that she is free from the shackles of the bumbling programming chowderheads at the CW, Brenda Walsh can live the rich and beautiful life we always imagined for her! Fly, Brenda, fly!

And, as far as “Shando” is concerned, we’ll watch her in anything…so, keep on keeping on, chica!



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2 responses to “Brenda Walsh packs her bags…

  1. Okay, I know that I’m in the minority, but I LIKE the new nine-OH. Yes, yes I do.

    However, with Brenda leaving and the lack of Kelly, my interest may last only a few episodes.

  2. yeti9000

    Heard a rumor over the weekend that “Shando” is considering coming back for a few more episodes this year — should the show last that long — so, you might just get more Brenda after all, Slackmistress!

    And, who knows…we might just start watching again to see what she does! Urgh…thank God for the fast forward button! 🙂

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