Nano-chromatic: The new 4G iPod Nanos are here!

Since Christine and I are already a three iPod household — our old grey iPod mini, Yoda, is for the cats, yo! — we need another iPod like we need another season pass on our Tivo. But, man alive, the new iPod Nano’s announced today by Apple are so damn pretty, we might just change our minds…wow!

To read more about the many new features of these gorgeous little Nanos — I seriously wanna sprinkle them on ice cream or something! Yummy! — and the new-feature-tastic iPod Touch models (also announced today) check out the links below. And, as always, go Mac!

Apple Hot News: New iPod Nano

Apple Hot News: New iPod Touch


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3 responses to “Nano-chromatic: The new 4G iPod Nanos are here!

  1. Hey! Okay, so, I was doing some googling and I found your blog, and I’ve been reading it for like a month now!! It’s so interesting!

    Anyway, when I came across this Nano post, I went to the site to check it out and ended up BUYING one! I got the pink one 🙂 Thank to your blog post, Apple sold one iPod. Pretty cool if you ask me!

    Hope you’re doing well!

  2. yeti9000

    Ha! That is hilarious, Bianca. Apple totally owes me a commission! My favorite color Nano is the green, but that pink is pretty rocking too. I love that you can turn them sideways to watch widescreen stuff too…so cool!

    Also very cool to know that you’ve been reading my nerdy old blog…thanks! I don’t know if you saw all the pics from the “Mall” premiere party and stuff, but I have tons more crazy “Mall”-tastic pics on my Flickr page. If you wanna download any of them for yourself, have at it at:

    Hope you too are doing well! Looking forward to hearing how that shiny pink Nano works out for you!

    Rock on-

  3. As someone in another 3-iPod household, I agree with you. Yeah they’re nice, but we still need to amortize the cost of the iPods we already have! 🙂

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