A text message from Obama…

I don’t know why everyone’s all complaining that they didn’t their text messages from Barack Obama the other night when he chose Senator Joe Biden as a running mate. I mean, yeah, the story hit the internet fast and everything, but Christine and I got our text message from Obama just fine. See…

Ah, well, I guess he just loves us more. In any case, can’t wait to get our cool Obama-Biden bumper stickers! And though I still think an Obama-Clinton ticket would kick ass, we both actually dug much of what Biden had to say in the democratic debates earlier this year and his selection makes a lot of sense.

Plus, Biden has the all-important tragic backstory that wins us over every time. Biden’s first wife and infant daughter died in a car accident on their way to celebrate his first Senate win many years ago, and Biden was actually sworn in at the hospital bedsides of his two surviving sons. Wow…if we’d known that sad-ass story, we probably would have voted for him in the primary!

Seriously, that’s political backstory gold, baby. Man, I sure hope McCain likes the view from his seven houses, because something tells me he’s gonna be spending a lot of time in them come 2009.

Anyway, here’s hoping our guys have a rocking time at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. Christine and I loved that town almost as much as Nashville. Oh, and Barack, if you and Joe need any recommendations on where to eat or drink in Denver, text us, dude. We’ll totally hook you guys up. L8ter!


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2 responses to “A text message from Obama…

  1. Although the Biden backstory is compelling, I don’t know if it’s really going to affect the outcome.

    John Edwards had a tragic backstory too, with the death of his son several years ago. And clearly that did not lead to a Kerry/Edwards victory in 2004.

    Then again, on the flip side, it worked for Al Gore. Remember his son got run over by a car sometime in the late ’80s and was almost killed. And sure enough, when he was selected as Clinton’s veep in 1992, Gore sailed into the Vice President’s office.

    What I liked best about Biden in the early debates was his impatience with the lame “say one thing nice about the person to your left” type of questions the candidates would get. I liked how Biden would point out that it was a “pointless exercise.”

    And I also liked how Biden frequently called the debate moderators out on focusing so much on Hillary & Barack and ignoring the lesser known candidates. He cracked me up.

    Yeah, Biden can be a big ole windbag too, especially at any televised senate hearings, but overall I think he’s a very effective pick for O.

  2. yeti9000

    Don’t remind me of old John Edwards, man. That dude is dead to me…and thank God he dropped out when he did or we’d be talking about a whole other “tragic backstory” this week…yikes!

    Back to Biden though, I liked how he always cut through the crap at the debates too. And better yet, he was always very funny. All in all, I think he and Obama will make a pretty cool team!

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