“American Mall” song on Rock Band!

Heard the other day — from my non-gaming friend Ginger, of all people! — that the video game Rock Band is releasing some new downloadable songs to the Xbox 360 this week. And while the bands involved are both very cool — Duran Duran and Devo! — the biggest news in this household is that the other downloadable song is going to be “Get Your Rock On” from “The American Mall” soundtrack! Cool, huh?

Of course, I don’t own Rock Band (yet!) and we have a Wii, not an Xbox, so even if we did have Rock Band, we’d still have to wait a while to play the song. But how totally cool that MTV is releasing the song on Rock Band at all…yay!

I’m assuming Ginger heard about this latest development through one of her many visits to Duran Duran fansites and not from a sudden interest in hard-core gaming, but either way, thanks for the heads up, amiga! You rock!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go buy an Xbox and sneak it into the house before Christine gets home from work…


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2 responses to ““American Mall” song on Rock Band!

  1. Very cool. I don’t know anybody with an Xbox, but I definitely wanna get my rock on and check out that new song download.

    P.S. – Ginger, you still check Duran Duran fansites? I had no idea. Then again, when you had an entire bedroom devoted to Duran Duran back in Rohnert Park, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised! 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Ha ha ha!! Ah, the memories…

    Truth be told, I was not visiting a fansite but was on Ebay looking for random things, one of which was the Duran Duran board game that was marketed around the time of the ARENA album. (Just because I know you are going to ask, James, I was also looking for an original apple crate label from my grandfather’s apple company, and some 50’s Christmas decorations). 🙂 One click led to another, and I found myself on a site which talked about the latest songs on Rock Band.

    Still have not purchased that board game. Sigh. One can only dream…and keep looking on Ebay and at garage sales…

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