“The American Mall” airs tonight!

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you guys — after promoting the crap out of it for months now! — but my movie, “The American Mall”, finally airs tonight on MTV at 9:00PM. So, check it out!

And if for some reason you forget to Tivo it, no worries, because tomorrow, August 12th, “The American Mall” soundtrack and DVD go on sale online and in stores nationwide. I’m buying my copy at Sears of course, but I did scope out the Sunday supplements and Circuit City has the best price of the bunch. They are selling the DVD and the soundtrack as a combo for $20. Not bad!

Anyway, I gotta go “get my rock on” right now. Hope you dig the movie!


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8 responses to ““The American Mall” airs tonight!

  1. I totally loved it! Aside from a few strangeties here and there (like the boomerang sound effects thrown in during sudden movements, and the worst-timed commercials I’ve ever seen), it was totally awesome.

    The love story between Ally and Joey was awesome. And Autumn Reeser as the coniving Madison was amazing (and let’s not forget her brilliant performance of “The New You,” a villain song that belongs in the company of Little Mermaid’s “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” or Jungle Book’s “Trust in Me.”)

    Yeah, it had a little bit of that “let’s put on a show” feeling when they had the talent/fashion show, and yeah, it had the big happy “We’re All In This Together” group song at the end, but then again it wouldn’t feel complete if it didn’t. Imagine Grease without “We Go Together” at the end. It just wouldn’t work.

    But I really liked its mix of romance, humor and music. Can’t wait to see it uninterrupted on DVD. Congratulations!

  2. yeti9000

    Thanks for your review, dude! The NY Times review was nice, but a killer review from a Broadway fanboy like you means a hell of a lot more! So, thanks!

    And though I already corrected it, I did say in an earlier version of this post that Best Buy had the best price on the DVD and soundtrack CD. That was wrong. Sorry! I checked again just now and it’s actually Circuit City that has the DVD/soundtrack combo for $20! So, I’d buy it there instead if I were you!

    Thanks again for the kind words…you rock!

  3. I’m watching the DVD again right now …. LOL! “Phantom of the Mall.”


  4. LOL!!!! “This is Dior!”

  5. yeti9000

    I’m loving your blow by blow account of the movie, dude…hilarious! Oh yeah, and for the record, I bought my DVD at Sears today — yes I get one free, but I wanted a couple to add to my collection! — and it does come with an extra disc, just like you said!

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  6. YAY! It was so good. I loved those zany puffy sleeves:).

    You can also check out the rest of the outfits here: http://snipurl.com/3faz1.

    Congrats again,
    The Style Intern at Sears

  7. Melissa

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…you were in the papers, your name was onscreen. But now you’re really somebody, because The American Mall was made fun of on The Soup tonight! They’ll repeat the heck out of it, so take a look.

  8. yeti9000

    Awesome! I am setting my Tivo as I type! Yeah!!

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