“The X-Files: I Want To Believe” countdown begins…

Yes, the first movie sucked hard, but despite that cinematic misfire, and the fact that it’s been six long years since Mulder and Scully last graced our airwaves, I am still dying to see the new “X-Files” movie when it comes out on July 25th.

I should note here that Christine is also mildly excited about the movie, but, seeing as she’s not usually as insanely fanboy-ish about stuff as I am…well, she’s not dying to see it as badly as I am. But, hey, that’s OK, I still love her.

And speaking of love, even non-fans of the original series have got to admit that “The X-Files” is totally responsible for many of the super cool TV shows that we all love so much today, I mean, seriously, do you think there would have ever been “Buffy” or “Angel” or hell, even “Lost” without “The X-Files”? Hell, no!

Series creator Chris Carter and company broke major ground with “The X-Files” and even though it lost focus a bit when David Duchovny left the show, Gillian Anderson held down the fort quite admirably for those last couple of seasons, so, rock on Agent Scully!

Story-wise, there is not much to report about the new movie yet, as, true to form, the producers are keeping the plot details of “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” a closely-guarded secret. But the online trailers do give you some rather juicy clips to look forward too. And when that classic “X-Files” theme kicks in, forget about it…goosebump city, baby!

Anyway, having watched/dissected the different trailers way too many times for my own good, I can tell you exactly three spoiler-free things about the upcoming “X-Files” sequel…

One, it takes place somewhere really cold and creepy looking. Two, Mulder and Scully act like they have not seen each other in a while, which is a bit odd considering how the series ended. And finally, three, the supporting cast — Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, etc. — looks really cool and yes, that is rapper Alvin “Xzibit” Jones playing an FBI agent. Wow…who knew?

Oh yeah, and the movie’s official website is finally up and running, so check out the trailers for yourself, read up on the cast and crew, add an “X-Files countdown widget” to your blog — I tried and it just looked weird — or if you’re like me, just keep checking the site every few hours to see when those sweet-ass desktop wallpapers are ready to download.

Whoa…did I just write that? Lord in heaven, I really am a geek…


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6 responses to ““The X-Files: I Want To Believe” countdown begins…

  1. Cathy Moon

    It’s good to have contact with others who are gaga over the X-Files. Mike and I can’t wait for the movie to open. I enjoyed the first movie (just thrilled to see Mulder and Scully back together), so this movie could probably blow and I’d still be happy. Pathetic…eh?
    So geek-0n!

  2. yeti9000

    OMG, so cool to know that you guys are fans too! With your red hair, have you and Mike ever considered going as Mulder and Scully for Halloween? Methinks you might wanna try that this year! And the kids could go as little aliens or ghosties! Could be very cool… 🙂

    Either way, good to hear from you and glad to know that someone else thinks the “truth is out there”…yay!

  3. Xzibit, that playa from Pimp My Ride? I love that dawg! 🙂

  4. yeti9000

    Yep, I hear there’s even a scene when Xzibit helps some aliens pimp their spaceship…

  5. Cathy Moon

    But wait! Mulder and Scully for Halloween??!?!?! If I can ever find the photo, Mike and I did that, ahem, 10 years ago. Yikes! Has it been that long? We were fully equipped w/flashlights, guns and super cool FBI badges created by yours truly. Mike had his spits and I had my crucifix necklace. It got a little strange when the lady at Kinkos (gotta laminate those badges, ya know?) told me to take care of Mulder.
    But now that we have little tykes on board…hmmm, the possibilities of small, green alien creatures is enticing. Perhaps they could just be the black ooze? (Auntie Ginger would love that!) And my hair is currently Scully length…now where did we store those badges?

  6. yeti9000

    Awesome! I want to see pictures!!

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