Gore endorses Obama!

Sure we saw this one coming when Hillary finally dropped out a couple weeks back, but hey, that doesn’t make it any less cool. Endorsements from former presidential candidates are nice and everything, but in my book, an endorsement from Mr. Greenjeans himself is pretty stellar. Wow…

And while I can’t speak for Senator Obama’s carbon footprint, I’m pretty sure his political footprint just got a whole lot bigger. Go, Obama!


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8 responses to “Gore endorses Obama!

  1. I’m glad Al Gore learned from four years ago when his ill-timed endorsement of Howard Dean came back to bite him in the ass.

    Notice this year he waited until it was abundantly clear who the nominee would be.

  2. I was sooo excited to hear this AND by chance I had “An Inconvenient Truth” at home to watch. It was chilling and mind blowing and I felt the NEED for a hybrid car and solar powered house! Someone I know called it an inconsequential truth…I’m disappointed, I thought more of that person but I guess not every one has a broader world view than their local issues….too bad.

    And speaking of movies….Tomas, I’d like to formally request your public review of the AVP movies…I’ve been waiting so patiently for it to pop up here….work with me! 😉

  3. yeti9000

    Ha! Fine, fine, I promise to review “AVP: Requiem” sometime before President Obama takes office…is that cool? 🙂

  4. Melissa

    I must be missing something, because I still don’t get it. All these people I like are endorsing Obama. Meanwhile, I don’t even feel like voting this year, because I just have such a bad gut feeling about him. Guess I’m going to have to do some more research so I can decide whether I’m wrong or everyone else is.

  5. yeti9000

    I think you just need to check out some of Obama’s memorable speeches on YouTube. He has really evolved as a speaker and some of his more recent speeches are kind of electrifying…

    Even a non-believer like you will be excited by the cool things this dude can do as President! Seriously, check them out…

  6. Melissa

    Hmmn. Most of what I’ve heard from him has been in debates and he comes across as very defensive to me, big chip on the shoulder, etc. The difference with a speech could be that he’s in control, you know? So can he be a team player, be okay with being questioned? Or is he just good when there’s no one getting in his face? As I said, I’m still hoping to find a connection so that I can get a little more excited, so I’ll check out some speeches and keep my mind open.

  7. yeti9000

    That’s cool…and if that doesn’t sway you, you could always give him the spouse test. I generally find that if a politician is married to someone cool, they have something going for them to have attracted them in the first place. Like Bill and Hillary for example. Hillary had a lot to do with her husband’s popularity in my book…

    And since the crazy hot, “Black Jackie O” Michelle Obama kicks ass, I think her man will too! 🙂

  8. You would hope not but look, listen, and pay attention. As a nation we remain comfortable with what we are used too and who we surround ourselves with. Our environment, family, friends in an existential way teach us how we interact with those not like us. Sadly, color is still a barrier and there are those that continue to teach separatism. We will know as a nation in November whether we have turned the corner or are still going in a straight line of status quo. My bet is that when we leave work and close our doors at night, the truth reveals itself re soundly. My guess is that most of us work with those of different color because we have too, but have never invited someone of different heritage over individually as a friend and confidant because we share with those we deem to have the same obstacles, experiences, or advantages in life. Solodad Obrien did a wonderful piece on being black in America. Black Americans have to work harder and prove themselves more often than there counter-parts because of the color of their skin. A black male is born with a felony (Skin Color) and is less likely to be hired than a white male straight out of prison! Have we turned the corner in America? NO!

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