“The American Mall” posters!

If anyone out there happened to catch the Mike Meyer’s-hosted MTV Movie Awards last night, you might have caught a couple of trailers for my upcoming MTV musical “The American Mall”. I wrote the first draft of the original screenplay while I was still in film school at AFI, so to have it finally coming out now is kind of crazy exciting!

Produced by the guys who exec-produced the “High School Musical” movies, “The American Mall” is set to air on MTV on Monday, August 11th @ 9PM, followed the next day by the DVD and original soundtrack release online and at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

So, mark your calendars, and in the meantime, enjoy these rocking “Mall” posters I found on the movie’s official site at: www.theamericanmall.com.

Not sure yet if the DVD’s will have three different covers or not, but if they do, I like the orange one best. The bad-ass on that cover is the villainous Madison Huxley character and though I totally dig the posters featuring Ally and Joey too, I think Madison’s is the most dramatic. So, rock on mean girl!

Oh yeah, and if you squint really hard, you can almost make out my “story by” credit on the bottom of the poster. If I find a higher resolution pic somewhere, I’ll post it soon, but for now…enjoy!


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6 responses to ““The American Mall” posters!

  1. becauseweloveit

    This is very exciting! Congratulations!

  2. yeti9000

    Thanks, man! I’m really excited to finally have something produced “en Ingles”! 🙂

  3. These are awesome. I love the logo where the guitar stands in for the I and A. Very professional. It’s almost as if it were a real movie! 🙂 hehe

  4. Partygirl224

    Hey I love this movie,
    me and my friends are singing a song from this movie at out school talent show in front of more than 200 people. I hope you like this movie as much as i do… Where do you get lyrics for it???


  5. yeti9000

    Hey, “Partygirl”!

    So glad you liked my movie. Also very cool to hear that you and your friends are singing a song from “American Mall” at a talent show! Awesome! I don’t have the lyrics printed up anywhere, but they are inside the liner notes on the soundtrack CD, so that should help you guys out.

    Dying to know what song you’re singing too, so hit me back when you can and let me know how it goes! Rock on!! 🙂

  6. “When will it be clear …”

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