“Lost” opens the coffin…

Wow. Just finished watching the “Lost” Season Four finale and though there were a couple times where I really wanted more answers, I gotta say, they tied up this season with a bang! My one complaint is that unlike some of the shocker endings on previous seasons, this year’s send-off had kind of an unfinished, “Empire Strikes Back” ending.

I’m not complaining, but I described it to Christine as being midway through a great book only to have it taken away from you for three months! Ahh! Sure they showed us who was in that damn coffin, but, in classic “Lost” style the show introduced dozens of questions for every one they answered. And though that probably frustrates the hell out of some people, that’s fine by us, baby!

Dissecting the show’s intricate, ever-changing mythology is one of the chief thrills of “Lost” for us…so the more layered and weird it gets, the more we love it!

And while I don’t wanna give too much away for those that are hoarding the season finale on their Tivo’s for the weekend, I am bursting to nerd out about some of juicy new developments that played out on last night’s show.

So, that said, if you don’t wanna read any “Lost” spoilers, thanks for checking out the blog but, please…STOP READING NOW.

OK, so how about that Desmond and Penny reunion!? Awesome, right? Something tells me that Ben — having vowed to kill Penny as revenge for his own daughter’s murder by Widmore’s goons — will try and put an end to their happiness in upcoming seasons, but for now, rock on “Lost” power couple!

And the island moving thing? Whoa…could that have been any damn cooler? Not only was the sound incredibly unnerving, but the look on the faces of everyone who watched it disappear was kinda priceless. Also, are we the only people in America that picked up the budding sexual tension between Sawyer and Juliet? Hmm…wherever the hell they end up, I think I see some sparks flying.

Also loved Kate’s creepy dream sequence. The whispers in the dark, the door opening downstairs, and then that backwards-talking voice on the phone — a tip of the hat to the iconic Man from Another Place on “Twin Peaks” — the whole thing was almost insanely terrifying.

And the site of Claire lurking ghost-like over Aaron’s bed…holy shit! I just about lost it! Christine feels that Claire’s presence in the dream answers the “is she or isn’t she dead” queston…but I’m not so sure. If you look at her forehead, Claire isn’t wearing the bandage she had on in the cabin.

But then again, who even knows when this dream is supposed to be happening? Is it the future? Or, wait, is the future now the present…? Who knows? Either way, it still scared the pants off us both!

Another thing that really broke our hearts was Sun’s anguished screaming on the helicopter. Man, give that chick an Emmy already…she rocked!

And her “chance” meeting with Widmore in London was even cooler. For some reason, it seems she and Jin are not huge fan favorites in the “Lostie” community…but we love them both, so, we were very glad to see her being so proactive in getting back to the island. And using daddy’s money to do it is just plain brilliant! Go, Sun!

Another reason we’re rooting so hard for Sun to succeed is that we — well, actually, it’s more me than Christine — still think there is a chance that Jin survived that hellacious explosion on the boat. I know, I know, it was a big old boom, but hey, is this not the same son-of-a-Korean-fisherman who survived an exploding boat in Season One?

And for that matter, didn’t Michael also survive said explosion? If you ask me, my odds are on the two of them living to see another day. Speaking of Michael, one of the many harebrained theories that I’ve been bugging Christine about since the show began was also given a huge boost last night as well.

See, I have thought for a long time that perhaps some sexual shenanigans went down between Sun and Michael when they first got to the island. Not sure if you remember, but there was a scene, way back when, where Michael “stumbled” upon Sun undressing and when she turned to face him, she didn’t seem all that eager to cover herself…know what I’m saying?

So last night, with a bomb ticking madly away in the hull of the ship, Sun takes the time to tell Michael that she is pregnant?? Weird, huh? And the long beat before he replied was even weirder. I might just be imagining things, but notice how they didn’t show the kid when she phoned home before meeting Widmore. Maybe it’s because Sun’s baby is…bum, bum, bum…Black! Just an idea…

Also, gotta say I loved the final Dharma training video for “The Orchid”. It was so fun to see that Asian dude explaining everything again…and the “time-traveling bunny” was amazing! Loved the look on Locke’s face as Ben kept piling all that metal shit in the machine…classic!

And what was the deal with the crazy-eyed redhead from the boat, Charlotte, talking about “finding where she was born”? Hmmm…as Lewis Carroll’s Alice — clearly a major influence on the writers — would say: “Curiouser and curiouser.” Love the fact too that former ship-mate, the ghost-hunting Miles knows something about her too. Very cool!

And finally…the coffin. Christine and I figured out the identity of the coffin’s occupant long before the big reveal, but it was still fun to see John Locke all dolled up for the afterlife. Love the fact too that the writers chose the name “Jeremy Bentham” for Locke’s off-island pseudonym.

I checked both Wikipedia and Lostpedia (I know, nerd partol!) and just as I suspected, Bentham, like the real-life John Locke, was a famous English philosopher. Oh, you crafty “Lost” writers…

Now, if Christine and I could just find a time machine of our very own to help us fast-forward through the summer and see what happens next…all would be right with the world!


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7 responses to ““Lost” opens the coffin…

  1. betheboy

    I know there are a ton of unanswered questions but I loved the ending.

  2. yeti9000

    Oh, man…so did we! Pun very much intended, we are both “dying” to know how Locke ended up in that coffin, and more importantly, why they need to take him with them back to the island! Whoa…

  3. Linda Romero

    He’s not really dead – the island is faking it and will bring him back to life. Like a Messiah. That’s why he must be brought back. He will be resurrected – you wait and see…. Did anybody hear what Sawyer whispered to Kate before he jumped?

  4. yeti9000

    You’re right, Locke is totally alive. I’m just wondering what “killed” him…if you check out the link to that dude’s time loop theory website above, you’ll see some ideas on why people might die when they leave the island.

    From what I can make of it, if you leave, you mess with the time space continuum and risk dying. Something like that. But, yeah, I’m with you, Mom…Locke is so not dead!

    Glad you and Courtney caught up on Season Four!! Yeah!! And while I don’t know what Sawyer said to Kate, I did hear online that the backwards-talking voice on Kate’s phone said: “The Island needs you, you have to go back before it’s too late…” If you dare, check out the audio clip for yourself at: http://www.youtube.com

  5. I believe Jin is still alive for these reasons: http://ncjl.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/season-4-finale-jins-fate-daniels-fate/
    And I believe Michaels dead for these reasons: http://ncjl.wordpress.com/2008/06/10/season-4-finale-michaels-last-scene-harold-perrineaus-anger/
    Sorry I just don’t want to rewrite all that stuff again.
    Linda Romero asked what Sawyer said to Kate, it’s on YouTube somewhere it won’t be too hard to find.

  6. yeti9000

    Wow, thanks for the “Lost” links, Izikavazo! Pun totally intended, I kinda lost myself in reading them all. Your site is amazingly detailed, dude. Wow…

    Thanks again for the info. And though I’m still not sure I believe everything I hear or see on YouTube, the amplified dialog clip from the scene with Sawyer and Kate does sound pretty convincing to me.

    Check it out here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=R5W2-dvSzKk&feature=related

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