Ambassador Hello Kitty

Every once in a while a major news event is so pressing that Christine actually takes the time to e-mail me a link to the article from her work. And yesterday was no different…

So, the minute my wife learned that Hello Kitty, fashion icon to generations of cool, puffy-sticker-loving hipsters everywhere, was named Japan’s official Ambassador to Tourism with China and Hong Kong, she shot me an e-mail.

And despite the fact that most of us are still nursing those Chococat birthday party hangovers — his birthday was May 10th, and yes, he is a boy, I checked the website — Christine and I both rejoiced at the news that Sanrio’s Queen of Cute had a brand new title and a nice shiny plaque to go with it.

Kitty, who will be 34 on November 1st — no, I did not know her date of birth by heart, I had to check that too — was said to be delighted by her recent honor and was looking forward to serving her homeland with pride. I’m not exactly sure what she’ll be doing in her new role — seeing as she’s not real and all — but hey, real or not, who doesn’t love that crazy cute cat?

So, rock on, Tourism Ambassador Hello Kitty! Long may you reign…


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2 responses to “Ambassador Hello Kitty

  1. Damn, she looks good for 34! Is mouth-removal the new anti-aging secret? 😉

  2. Ginger

    Ok, I’m so getting my passport back out and am jumping on the next plane overseas – yay for Hello Kitty! And a special “thank you” to Christine for being so proactive about getting this important information to you so quickly. 🙂

    I will have to write this historic day down on my Chococat calendar…

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