Edwards endorses Obama!

Despite his crushing defeat in yesterday’s West Virginia’s primary, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama — pictured below in a rocking Photoshop tribute by über blogger Kevin Chu — managed to score another major endorsement today, this time from ex-rival John Edwards.

And though I still wish Edwards himself was a part of this race — go, Tar Heels! — I gotta say that with Johnny Edwards joining the ever-expanding roster of powerful Dems endorsing Obama (hell, even Clinton’s political mentor George McGovern has announced his support for Obama!) Clinton seems destined for a VP position, at best, at this point.

And I’m not saying that would be bad…I mean, even Clinton supporters have gotta agree that an Obama-Clinton ticket would be damn near unbeatable come November. Of course, I’m sure she’d rather be on top of that ticket, but hey…she’d make a damn fine VP too. I mean, shit…after eight years of President Cheney making most of the decisions in Washington, it’d be kinda cool to have co-Presidents who actually know what they’re doing this time around!

But until Clinton accepts the inevitable and joins Obama to rule the galaxy as President and Vice President she can take comfort in some of the really cool things Edwards said about her today.

Sharing the stage with Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids, Edwards said: “She’s a leader in this country not because of her husband, but because of what she has done.” and gushed further that: “We are a stronger party because Hillary Clinton is a Democrat.” Whoa…talk about your Southern charm! Edwards might have stabbed Clinton in the back, but man, he did it with style!

Seriously, though…I couldn’t agree with Edwards more. Hilary Clinton (and Obama) have made this battle for the Democratic presidential nomination one of the most electrifying in recent memory. I mean, think about it, people who’ve never voted in their lives are actually getting up off their asses and voting…in primaries! Amazing!

So, keep on keeping on, Jedi Master Obama. The Force is clearly strong with you. And something tells me that it’s only a matter of time before you are joined on the ticket by Vice Jedi Master Clinton…or at least I hope so.



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7 responses to “Edwards endorses Obama!

  1. becauseweloveit

    I hope so too! I don’t want there to be any chance of a Republican victory in November and the Obama-Clinton ticket is the best bet.

  2. yeti9000

    Amen to that, brother! Those two would be unbeatable! And with little Johnny Edwards along for the ride as the next, great, US Attorney General…how can we lose?

  3. Dude, seriously … your love affair with John Edwards is pretty weird, man.

  4. fashionintelligentsia

    John Edwards is so handsome! I hope he’s our president some day. dreamy..

  5. Wan

    May the force be with us.

  6. yeti9000

    No worries, Wan Kenobi, the Force will be with us…always… 🙂

  7. I don’t believe there will be a dream-team Obama-Clinton ticket. In fact, a fascinating article in the Daily Standard points out why. http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/015/125fmvxh.asp?pg=1

    Although far more interesting is the idea promoted in an op-ed piece in today’s Washington Post suggesting that Obama pledge to appoint Hillary to the U.S. Supreme Court. Very interesting. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/20/AR2008052001571.html?hpid=opinionsbox1?hpid=opinionsbox1

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