Free Vanilla Honey Bee @ HD!

Hot on the heels of the recent Thirty One Cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins comes yet another reason for ice cream fans everywhere to rejoice…and this time, it won’t even cost you thirty one cents!

That’s because today only, from 4-8pm, participating Häagen-Dazs stores are offering FREE scoops of their brand new flavor, Vanilla Honey Bee. Yep, you heard me…totally FREE. And as luck would have it, there happens to be a Häagen-Dazs just down the street from my brother and sister-in-laws’ house in Glendale. So, guess who we’re sharing our free scoops with later tonight?

Hoping to bring much-needed attention to the plight of the disappearing honey bee — over the last few years honey bees have been mysteriously vanishing and/or dying off at an alarming rate due to a strange phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder — Häagen-Dazs didn’t just create a yummy new flavor to honor the bees, but they also started a very cool movement on their website:

Aside from some really cute graphics — I thought the bees with little picket signs (above) were so awesome I had to share them with you– the site is packed with information and articles on the world’s current honey bee crisis and is dedicated to helping support the honey bee and sustainable pollination research programs at Penn State and UC Davis.

I don’t know if you’ve read up on any of this stuff, but wow…some of the articles on the subject are kinda “end of the world” scary, primarily because bees play such a vital role in our whole circle of life on this planet. I mean, without bees, we’d be in some seriously deep shit, my friends.

So, check out the site, donate some cash if you can, but most of all, get out there and spread the word…one free scoop of ice cream at a time! Go, bees!


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5 responses to “Free Vanilla Honey Bee @ HD!

  1. Wait….Haagen Dazs still has stores? I am so out of the ice cream loop!


  2. I know, can you believe it. There is even one in Burbank too. This ice cream was sooo delicious! All of the staff at the store were so nice too. They even let Ryan get a different flavor for free! Thanks Wendy for letting us know about this. We are always up for free ice cream!

  3. They have a Haagen Dazs store at Downtown Disney, but that place is such a pain to get in and out of that we didn’t make it for the free scoop.

    BUT we are annual passholders, so the next time we go, we’ll go to the Haagen Dazs store and just buy some of the Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream.

    Yeah, I saw a 60 Minutes report last year talking about the disappearing honey bee. Scary sh*t.

  4. I bought some at the store. It was good, albeit a little plain. Would be great with a topping of some sort.

  5. Melissa

    I have a pint in my freezer right now. I haven’t tried it yet, but come on–Honey Bee? How could I not love it?

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