Pack your bags, Jason Castro…

OK, I promised myself I would not blog about every twist and turn of fate on this season’s “American Idol”, but after witnessing Jason Castro’s spectacularly awful performance last night, well…I kind of had to say something. Simply put, this tuneless poser sucks!

Sure at the beginning of the show Christine and I were charmed by his funky look — Dreadlocks? On “Idol”? Cool! — and goofy personality, but over time we have come to see that everything about this dude is as fake as Ryan Seacrest’s tan.

We might hate that eerily sexless — not to mention soulless — David Archuleta kid for being too slick and manufactured, but we despise Jason Castro for acting like he’s something he’s not. I mean, love him or hate him, Archuleta at least knows what he’s angling for — a comfortably cheesy Clay Aiken-ish career — but Castro has taken “Idol” phoniness to an all time low.

There is literally no substance to Jason Castro whatsoever. He doesn’t know shit about music, he doesn’t care about anything to do with the show — Entertainment Weekly reported that he was bored with the show and missed several rehearsals last week because some of his friends were in town…really, dude? During finals?! — and worst of all, he has absolutely no concept of how lucky he is to have made it to the final four.

As far as I can tell, the one and only reason this loser is still on the show is because of that damn hair. But something tells me that the hair has carried him as far as it can. After his epically bad rendition of Bob Marley’s classic “I Shot the Sheriff” on last night’s show, even the audience seemed puzzled. I’m not kidding, it was probably one of the worst performances in “Idol” history…and that, my friends, is really saying something.

So, here’s hoping Simon’s parting words to the dreadhead ring true — he told a bored-looking Castro to “pack [his] bags” during last night’s show — and that the prophetic pic above comes to pass during tonight’s elimination episode.

In the meantime, I’ll have to take comfort in my fervent hope that America did the right thing last night and sent Castro packing, but as Seacrest pointed out on last night’s show…you never know. This is the week that fan-favorite’s Tamyra Gray and Chris Daughtry went home on their respective seasons as well…so, really, anything can happen.

Keeping that in mind, Christine voted for her favorite David Cook ten times last night and I gotta admit that I hit the old redial button a whopping 60 times for my favorite, Syesha Mercado. The thing that makes me hate Jason Castro even more right now is that I got through every time I called. Poor Syesha…


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11 responses to “Pack your bags, Jason Castro…

  1. “Great minds discuss ideas.
    Average minds discuss events.
    Small minds discuss other people.”

    — Eleanor Roosevelt

  2. yeti9000

    Ha! Now that you bring it up, I think even old Eleanor Roosevelt could have done a better job on “I Shot the Sheriff” than Castro did… 🙂

  3. Now that Jason Castro has been eliminated, it has just been announced that he will be replaced by his younger brother Raul.

  4. yeti9000

    Ha ha…I’m so happy that Jason Castro is gone that even your musty old man jokes can’t bring me down…

    Long live Syesha Mercado!!

  5. Ginger

    My friend Michael was in the audience for this show last week, and had the chance to sit 3 rows behind Randy. Of course, despite our best TiVoing efforts of starting, stopping and pausing, we didn’t see him on TV or any of the other folks who went with him. The camera favored Simon’s side of the audience. Kind of reminds me of the visit to the “Greed” game show set with a certain friend of mine who actually WAS on screen, yet just my arm/shoulder made it into the frame… 🙂

    At any rate, Michael did say that it really does sound totally different live, but that yes, Jason had to go. No surprise there, even for me the fair weather American Idol fan!

  6. Cristy

    I have to say i disagree with many of the comments you made, especially about him being “fake”. I really don’t see it. He’s been one of the most genuine, real contestants probably in the whole history of idols. He’s never tried to be something hes not. He was honest, respectful and he always took the judges criticism like a man. They went over board alot of times and practically tore him down but he still handled it like a respectfully cuz thats how he is. A devout Christian, very much involved with his church and dedicated to many projects helping out the less fortunate. That’s not fake to me, that’s a beautiful soul. Alot of people thought he didnt care, i think he just wasnt hungry for fame like the others, he just wanted to share his music with people. Thats why he left on such a high note. He didnt think of it as a life or death situation, he was just thankful for the opportunity. Alot of people don’t get him cuz this show’s about finding cheesy pop stars and so many of them come across as being too “polished” and commercialized, which in my opinion, those are the fake ones. Jason was the opposite of that. The only thing he brought to the idol audition was his a love for music and a genuine soul and that rawness reflected in his performances, which won over the hearts of many people. Did he have the strongest vocals out of the bunch? Not even close. But since when does music only revolve around how many high notes u can hit. Music is about evoking emotion and Jason did that. His last couple weeks may not have been the greatest, but he admitted the song choices were new and he didnt have time to “fall in love with the songs”. That quote is proof that he is a true musician. Some people sing to show off their pipes, Jason sings to emotionally connect with the songs, which results in connecting to the audience. Why do u think “Over the rainbow” and “Hallelujah” (amoung others) were such hits for him? Cuz he was inspired by those songs and he connected with the lyrics. Those performances were absolutely mesmorizing. As i said, not everyone gets jason because so many people are used to seeing the fabricated pop wannabees on this show and when something new comes along like jason, u either love him or u hate him. Alot of people loved him and he still remains the most authentic, genuine contestant to ever grace the idol stage in my opinion. U think he got so far cuz of his hair??? I beg to differ.

  7. Cristy

    oh and another thing. You’re a fan of Syesha? well. i can say a few things about her. She’s a mediocre, emotionless, diva wannabee that thinks she can put on a phoney smile and parade around on stage hoping people will mistaken that for emotion or “feeling” the song. And as far as her trying to turn up the “sex appeal” to gain more votes, it didnt work. She had a chance to prove she could be a contemporary recording artist with her song choice and she picked “fever”. Not to mention her constantly choosing songs from the big names, songs that are way bigger than her thinking she could pull it off. DIVA WANNABEE. There’s absolutely nothing unique or distinctive about her. Just another “polished” singer with no personality and nothing that sets her apart. I dont even think she knows who she is, so how can the audience? And you say jason is the fake one? HA

  8. yeti9000


    First off, thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s always fun to welcome newcomers. I gotta say too that I agree with a lot of what you said…Jason was unique and he was original and a total breath of fresh of air…AT THE BEGINNING of the season.

    But as time went by, it became very clear to me — and the rest of America, apparently — that Jason just did not want to be there. I know it was all over YouTube, but did you rewind and rewatch that segment of the show with him the night before he left? While Ryan Seacrest is reading the phone numbers to call for Jason, Jason stares directly into the camera, smiles, and mouths the words: “Don’t Call!”

    Um, hello? What the hell is that?! I guess what really bugged me the most about that is that it was kind of a slap in the face to the other contestants who were already voted off…people who actually WANTED to be there!

    So, in the end, while I did appreciate many facets of Jason Castro’s unique presence on the show, I think the dude got exactly what he deserved…he asked to be voted off and America very happily obliged.

  9. Cristy

    Actually he cleared up that whole thing. Many people thought he mouthed the words “dont vote” but hes done about a million interviews and he states that he said “Vote Vote”. Even ellen degenerous played the clip back in super slow motion and u can clearly see he says “vote vote”. He was aware after he said it that people would probably misinterpret it which is why if u notice after his 2nd performance he only said vote once so the same thing wouldnt happen. That was just a complete misunderstanding. And i do agree that his better days were earlier in the competition but week after week the contestants are thrown a list of songs to choose from and many of them if not all of them were unfamiliar to him in the last few weeks which is why he didnt have the “spark” he did in some of his other performances. He said a quote in an interview…”I didn’t have enough time to fall in love with some of the songs.” You have to be in love with a song to be able to connect with it and connect it to the audience and just like falling in love with a person, its not a process that can be rushed. Jason is an emotional performer, one that needs to be emotionally connected to a song before he can deliver a magical performance and considering that contestants arent allowed to sing songs they’ve written, it was a challenge for him to do that. I also think he wanted to be there but the whole fame thing was new to him. You have to keep in mind that he was the most inexperienced one there. It was hard for him to make such a huge transition, plus having to deal with all the BS that was being thrown at him. No matter what he did the judges completely torn him down, swaying votes in the davids direction, even after paula screwed him over that time, they didnt even have enough class to apologize to the kid. I think he was just overwhelmed, which is why he seemed relieved to go, but i dont think it should be mistaken for him not wanting to be there, cuz theres a difference. He seems to genuinely care about music and JUST music. But we all know american idol is just about show and drama and i think he was starting to see through it. I honestly dont blame him. I think he showed alot of humbleness and class throughout this competition above all

  10. Tom, I agree with Cristy. You suck!

    I’m taking your blog off my RSS feed because I simply have not had time to fall in love with it yet.

    Kind regards,

  11. Aunt Debbie

    Ding dong, the dreads are gone! Thank God!

    Go, David Cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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