“Cloverfield” on DVD

Rented the insanely over-hyped Godzilla-lite movie “Cloverfield” over the weekend and all I can say is…wow…what a disaster, literally. This movie sucks so bad that it might just be one of the worst movies we’ve ever seen. And that is really saying something as we see tons of movies.

If the annoying, herky-jerky camera work doesn’t make you wanna hurl, than the acting and dialog surely will. I’m not kidding, the script is so bad you can’t even laugh at it. And this cast of pretty WB/CW rejects is so terrible that Christine and I were actually rooting for them to die.

Not to give too much away, but let me tell ya, when the most annoying character, Marlena, met her end in a spectacularly gory fashion, I literally stood up and cheered. Of course, the way she died — like so much of this crass marketing scheme of a movie — was lifted directly out of another movie (“Alien”) but hey, at least she died, so we were happy.

As for the camera work, yikes. I already have a hard time not throwing up during good movies with hand-held camera work — “Husbands & Wives”, “Breaking The Waves”, etc. — and when the movie is bad, wow, it kind of multiplies the nausea factor by a million.

Now, before you call me a film snob, let me say that bad acting and bad writing I can forgive — we have enjoyed some really bad scary movies over the years — but the biggest problem I have with this movie is that it’s not a movie at all. Seriously, “Cloverfield” plays like an extended YouTube video, and in fact, would probably have been much better had it been confined to three minutes instead of a 84.

You can almost hear the “story and plot be damned” pitch: “It’s BLAIR WITCH meets GODZILLA for the YouTube age”. I kid you not, that’s all it is. There is absolutely no explanation for anything that happens in this movie and the framing device (again clearly stolen from another movie) that this tape was found by the military is laughable.

Trust me, man, if the military found this talky, God-awful videotape, they would do some serious editing and skip to the good parts. Yes, I said good parts. Because this movie has two scenes that are pretty amazing. If you’d like to see the movie for yourself sometime, stop reading now while I discuss them.

SPOILER ALERT: The first scene that is worth checking out is when the monster attacks the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s very cool and totally scary.

And the second (and only other!) scene worth seeing is near the end of the movie when we spy the monster being bombed by the military. Shot from a helicopter as our surviving heroes (if you can call them that) are whisked to safety, it is our only clear view of the monster and it looks pretty damn cool.

And then, just when it seems like he’s beat, the monster jumps up and takes the helicopter down. Wow! This scene isn’t just awesome, but it is probably the only truly original scare in the entire film. Too bad the rest of this boring, crapfest sucks so much ass…

At the end of the day, I guess the best thing I can say about “Cloverfield” is that, thankfully, we saved some money by NOT seeing it in the theater. So, yeah!


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5 responses to ““Cloverfield” on DVD

  1. Since I in particular am sensitive to hand-held camera films (i.e. Dancer in the Dark, which despite being an awesome flick, made me walk out of the theater) I knew to skip this one.

    But thanks to you, now I know to not bother putting it on my Netflix queue.

  2. b79

    Found this new YouTube clone site that’s filled with videos shot in the style of Cloverfield! Very cool stuff. http://www.footagefound.com

  3. yeti9000

    OMG…I totally forgot about “Dancer in the Dark”…I actually had to stand up in the back of the theatre during that movie so I wouldn’t throw up.

    Awesome movie though…I own it on DVD and, oddly enough, I don’t have any trouble at all watching it at home…weird, huh?

  4. tevana

    I’ve put in a request for you two to watch the AVP movies. Bean reluctantly agreed to maybe watch it…I’m not sure where we stand, but I figure I’ll ask here in a more public forum. 🙂 Pleeeeeeeeeze! I need to discuss it (AVP-R) and yes, you have to see the first one to get the full feel of the second one. I have them to lend if necessary.

    And did you really think Cloverfield was going to be good?

  5. gayskeleton

    Motion Sickness aside, the hand held camera trick is even more insidious. It’s a cheap and lazy way to add realism to any weak plot/storyline.Now go read my blog, do my bidding.

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