Taco Truck Night, 2008

Two weeks ago, Los Angeles County Supervisors, led by the apparently self-loathing-Latina, Gloria Molina, passed a law that could spell the end of an era for our city’s world-class taco trucks. According to the new law, taco trucks must change locations every hour or face misdemeanor charges carrying a $1,000 fine and/or jail time. Jail? Wow…that bruja must really hate tacos.

Or maybe Molina is in bed with the East L.A. restaurants that pushed so hard for this ordinance in the first place. Either way, last night was declared “Taco Truck Night” throughout the city of Los Angeles. And judging from our firsthand experience, the event was a pretty rollicking success.

Embracing the simple yet profound credo that “carne asada is not a crime”, the save the taco truck movement was started by Highland Park residents, Aaron Sonderleiter and Chris Rutherford. Former college roommates, the pair say they often sought comfort in the steamy embrace of a piping hot street taco while in college, and continue to do so now.

Their point is that taco trucks are a part of the very fabric of life here in Los Angeles and rather than being pushed aside by some greedy restaurant owners, they should be embraced, if not for their cultural significance, then surely for their rocking good food!

So, in honor of Sonderleiter and Rutherford’s burgeoning movement — their petition to save the imperiled taco truck has received upwards of 5,000 signatures to date! — Christine and I enjoyed a tasty taco truck dinner last night with our friends Patty and Mike.

Using the map feature on the guy’s website, we were able to locate a taco truck in North Hollywood called Tacos La Fonda.

And while the tacos were fantastic and totally comparable to our usual taco truck in Hollywood, the real star here was the gigantic quesadilla (pictured above). Stuffed with Mexican cheese, a meat of your choice — we very wisely picked carnitas, which was amazing! — and lightly fried, that thing must have weighed at least a pound and, man alive, it tasted like heaven…delicious!

And the atmosphere at this taco truck could not have been better. Located in the far corner of a car wash parking lot on the busy intersection of Vineland and VanOwen, the place was so close to the airport runway that you felt like the planes were literally landing on top of you. Kind of scary, but kind of cool too.

So, while the official Taco Truck Night 2008 has come and gone, there is no reason not to make every night Taco Truck Night. All you gotta do is check out the saveourtacotrucks.org website, sign the petition while you’re there and use the handy mapping feature to find a taco truck near you.

And if you see Supervisor Gloria Molina out there, tell her to back the “f” off and for the love of pico de gallo, buy that bitch a taco already!

Que viva los taco trucks!



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8 responses to “Taco Truck Night, 2008

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  2. Nice job reporting on the taco news guys.

  3. That plate of tacos looks so good.

    You know if this loco law ever gets passed, each taco truck should make a deal with another nearby taco truck, and simply trade spots every hour.

  4. Yvette

    Awesome shot, my boyfriend and our friend made it into your shot, I however am being blocked by our friend (which is a good thing). La fonda fo’ life.

  5. yeti9000

    Yvette: How random that you are in my pic, that is awesome! As I mentioned in my post, our food was awesome…what did you guys order?

    Will: Thanks for the shout out via L.A. Metblogs. Glad you dug the post, man. We need to seriously hit this place again sometime soon with our esposas!

    James: That is a fantastic idea, amigo…we should totally forward that to the dudes @ saveourtacotruck.org! Ha, take that Gloria Molina!

  6. Yvette

    I had 1 Buche taco and 1 carne asada quesadilla. Both were delish! My boyfriend and our friends had carne asada and chicken tacos. We usually hit up the San Fernando Swap Meet for awesome vintage finds and they have a La Fonda truck as well.

  7. Great article! One of my favorites. Thanks for supporting us, and more importantly, the Taco Trucks. ¡Carne Asada is not a Crime!

  8. yeti9000

    Aaron, dude, we’re not worthy…:)

    Seriously, though, thanks for visiting our blog, but more importantly, thanks for starting this rocking movement! Long live los taco trucks!

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