Richardson endorses Obama!

Wow…all this time I figured former Presidential Candidate, New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, for a Hillary Clinton fan. Who knew? All I can say is that after spending six-plus weeks in Richardson’s fair state…the man runs a pretty tight ship.

Our hero, Gov. Bill Richardson!

New Mexico is clean, loaded with cops and, my missing cell phone aside, relatively crime-free. So, if this guy can keep a state as sprawling and diverse as New Mexico in order, just imagine what he could do as Vice President! Oh…wait, he hasn’t been asked yet. Give it time, baby…give it time.

I still think my boy, John Edwards, would make a kick-ass running mate, but how can you resist the idea of a Black dude and a Latino running for the highest office in the land? Man alive, what a country! So, muchas gracias for your endorsement, Gov. Bill…let’s hope it brings mucho Latino votes our way come November.

The pic above is a detail from one I took of Gov. Bill’s official state photo — which hangs in just about every building in Santa Fe — and was used today in an article by the news site Now Public. Thanks, rebel news guys!

To see my pic in all its glory, check out their story at:


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8 responses to “Richardson endorses Obama!

  1. Melissa

    When I first started watching the debates, I was frustrated because I found myself not liking any of the Demo candidates…well, none of the ones that I thought I would like. The one I really liked: Richardson. He seems to really believe in what he says he believes in and seems to have accomplished quite a lot in NM.

    How to respond to his endorsing Obama, though? I just cannot get on board with Obama. He seems to have such a chip on his shoulder and such a sense of entitlement. He turns me off immensely. It’s not that I think Clinton is perfect, by any stretch, but I feel much better about her than about Obama.

    And now, more and more people whose opinions I value are turning towards Obama. Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to keep reading/watching/listening so that I can really know what I want to do in November.

    As for John Edwards: he seems great, but I really can’t look at him without thinking: Just Jack! He looks so much like Sean Hayes…very distracting.

  2. yeti9000

    I know what you mean about Obama…we watched all the early debates and were totally on the fence about him until just recently.

    It was literally a coin toss when we voted in the primary, but since then, I have become a full-on Obama supporter. I just think there is something really exciting about him…and his speeches keep getting better and better. Did you happen to hear his response last week to that whole crazy Pastor Wright thing? No shit, he gave JFK a run for his money, baby. Truly a speech for the ages…AMAZING!

    And I’ve always really dug Richardson as well, so…wow, the two of them together could be pretty damn cool! Black and tans all around! πŸ™‚

  3. dan

    Wow. I did not know. I like Obama too. Your life has been a great adventure lately. Sorry about your cell phone.

  4. So you’re supporting Obama.

    Wow. I didn’t realize you were so misogynistic.


  5. Wan

    Well, you know how I feel about John Edwards and his hair… Obama will rock it, fingers crossed. I guess I’m misogynistic too!

  6. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Obama, too. I think he and Edwards would make a fantastic team. Between Edwards proposals for health care reform and Obama’s hope for more coal based energy as well as increased hybrid production through incentives to the automotive companies (and his complete understanding regarding net neutrality), that would be just about perfect.

  7. yeti9000

    I hear that, Kelly! I’m such a nerd I actually bought campaign buttons for both Edwards and Obama hoping that if I wear them at the same time something magical will happen and they’ll team up…

    I know it’s a long shot, but if Wan can admire Edward’s hair, then I can dream of my boys making it all the way to the Oval Office!

    Obama/Edwards 4ever!

  8. Has anyone forgotten that Edwards was already a running mate once already? Picking him as the veep woudl be like wearing yesterday’s pair of socks all over again.

    I think the better veep would be Obama, with Hillary as the nominee. Go Hill!

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