Churches, porches and loony bins…

Before moving on to some of the other exciting fare in Las Vegas, New Mexico wanted to post a few of my favorite “behind the scenes” pics from the set.

The old stone church, Las Vegas, NM (2008)
Blacked-out church, Las Vegas, NM (2008)

As you can see, our locales ran the gamut in Las Vegas from beautiful stone churches to spooky old Victorian porches and sprawling former insane asylums. And yes, the insane asylum — which doubled as our Sheriff’s station — was just as spooky as it sounds.

The Bishop Family home, Las Vegas, NM (2008)

While exploring the freezing cold mental hospital, Ginger and I happened upon a rusty old bathroom with a curiously large area around the tub that was no doubt witness to many an electroshock theraphy session. Yikes, that place was just asking to be “ghost-hunted”.

And to make things even scarier, the asylum was later used as a school for sick kids, so there was all these faded children’s finger paintings and stuff hanging on the walls. Seriously, it looked like that spooky old abandoned school in “Children of Men”…freaky!

The spooky old Las Vegas asylum! (2008)


Ginger in the holding room! (2008)

But despite the downright creepiness of many of the locations, the mood on set was usually — emphasis on the word “usually” — really light and fun. Even if it was colder than hell most of the time. Literally!

There were so many of us huddled around the propane heaters at one point that three of us melted our jackets. Myself included!

Trapped in the holding cell! (2008)

But hey, what’s a little burnt plastic when you’re freezing your ass off in a former mental hospital?



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2 responses to “Churches, porches and loony bins…

  1. That picture of you in a mental hospital rocks! I’ve always thought you were mental, but now I have proof! 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Now THIS place was TOTALLY creepy! The old Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas had nothing on this place – I have goosebumps just thinking about it. I liked it better when I naively thought it was just an old abandoned brick building…but when I realized it used to be a mental health hospital, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Especially since it seemed like the only people around were us and the film crew. And, it was cold. And, it was getting dark outside.

    Those hallways were really eerie, quiet and disturbing. I can pretty much guarantee I’m not going back there ever again…spooky-spooky…

    – Not “Ginger the Brave” at this location

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