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Santa Muerte strikes again…

OK, I know I’m breaking with the narrative a bit here by skipping to the present day…but the reason is that my old foe, Santa Muerte — Saint Death, who plays a pivotal role in our movie — has struck again.

Santa Muerte, phone stealer!

Earlier today, we were filming a bloody Santa Muerte induction ceremony in an abandoned apartment building in downtown Albuquerque…and guess what happened? I lost my new cell phone.

Yep, it’s gone. If it wasn’t stolen from the craft service cart on the bustling street below, then it was somehow sucked into the shadows of our dusty old set. But I’m convinced that my phone has left this plain altogether and that somewhere, Santa Muerte is texting her friends like mad.

The scene of the crime…

My phone searching gear!

Seriously, I looked EVERYWHERE for that thing. And if I couldn’t find my phone anywhere on set with the aid of a dust mask, a pair of latex gloves and a snow shovel…well, I don’t think that thing will ever be found…

The good news — if you can call it that — is that Christine called Sprint (thanks, honey!) and they can still transfer my service back to my old phone — oh yeah, did I mention that this phone was new? I actually bought it the day I left L.A….nice, huh? — if I do it right away. So, since I don’t exactly feel like shelling out the bucks for a new cell…old phone it is!
Santa Muerte candles…

Man…first my laptop, then my cell phone…I guess the big lesson here is, don’t write scripts about skeletal street Saints. And, you know, make sure you keep your cell phone in your pocket on set!


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The Avenger!

And then, seemingly as soon as our adventures in sleepy, spooky Las Vegas had begun, Ginger and I found ourselves heading south to Santa Fe for the next leg of filming.

The Snowy Avenger! (2008)

So, with a heavy heart — probably from all that after hours junk food — and a pair of pilfered Historic Plaza Hotel coffee mugs, we checked out of our hotel and headed outside to find the entire town blanketed with snow. It was beautiful!

And speaking of beautiful, I should probably take a moment to introduce you to another player in our unfolding drama here in New Mexico…and that is my fully-paid-for rental car, the brilliantly blue Dodge Avenger! Yeah!

Ginger scraping snow off our Avenger! (2008)

He might be slow on hills and have some of the worst insulation I’ve ever encountered in a “new” vehicle, but man, I love that little blue bitch. And best of all, he has a AV input jack for my iPod. So, yeah for him and yeah for us. We had rocking tunes wherever we went!

Actually make that go…as the Avenger is amazing still in my possession. It’s kind of weird how attached I’ve grown to that car. I mean, I have been driving him now for almost six weeks…so I guess it’s to be expected, but wow…I never knew rental car love could flow this deep.

The Avenger on the open highway…

Anyway, complaints aside, he’s a good little Avenger and so this post is for him…rock on, buddy! I’m gonna miss a lot of things about this trip when I’m back home next week…and you my friend, will be the thing I miss most…

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Churches, porches and loony bins…

Before moving on to some of the other exciting fare in Las Vegas, New Mexico wanted to post a few of my favorite “behind the scenes” pics from the set.

The old stone church, Las Vegas, NM (2008)
Blacked-out church, Las Vegas, NM (2008)

As you can see, our locales ran the gamut in Las Vegas from beautiful stone churches to spooky old Victorian porches and sprawling former insane asylums. And yes, the insane asylum — which doubled as our Sheriff’s station — was just as spooky as it sounds.

The Bishop Family home, Las Vegas, NM (2008)

While exploring the freezing cold mental hospital, Ginger and I happened upon a rusty old bathroom with a curiously large area around the tub that was no doubt witness to many an electroshock theraphy session. Yikes, that place was just asking to be “ghost-hunted”.

And to make things even scarier, the asylum was later used as a school for sick kids, so there was all these faded children’s finger paintings and stuff hanging on the walls. Seriously, it looked like that spooky old abandoned school in “Children of Men”…freaky!

The spooky old Las Vegas asylum! (2008)


Ginger in the holding room! (2008)

But despite the downright creepiness of many of the locations, the mood on set was usually — emphasis on the word “usually” — really light and fun. Even if it was colder than hell most of the time. Literally!

There were so many of us huddled around the propane heaters at one point that three of us melted our jackets. Myself included!

Trapped in the holding cell! (2008)

But hey, what’s a little burnt plastic when you’re freezing your ass off in a former mental hospital?



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