The year without an Oscar Party…

Since we are both here in Santa Fe right now, Christine and I — like Vanity Fair before us — decided to cancel our annual Oscar party this year for the first time since 1989. I know…sad, huh? Admittedly, the ’89 pre-Christine bash was more like beer and chips with Gregg and James in our dorm room, but hey, it was still a party. And every year since then, we have had a fairly ornate bash…so, I must say it was kind of weird to not have one this year.

Also kind of odd to not even be in the same time zone as the show…still getting used to that central time zone insanity. Did you know they play “The Tonight Show” here at like, 10:30?! Crazy!

The Un-Oscar Party 2008!

But, probably the strangest thing of all this year was the nagging uncertainty about whether the show would even go on at all. Honestly, I was kinda prepared to picket the damn thing…so, all things considered, I guess it was appropriate that our humble semblance of a party consisted of pizza, beer and treats from my “Welcome to Santa Fe” gift basket. Which were quite tasty…thank you, “Not Forgotten” Production Office!

Sticklers for tradition that we are, we did still fill out a ballot with our hotel pen and play along with the show. Not that there were prizes to be had, but I won with 12 correct picks, so, yeah for me!

Anyway, the show itself was pretty damn awesome! Jon Stewart mentioned the strike here and there and managed to keep things appropriately political, the winners were all totally deserving — we’re still cheering for Tilda Swinton’s surprise Best Supporting Actress win, rock on, Tilda! — the honorary Oscar to Robert Boyle (a former teacher of mine at AFI) was really sweet and (thankfully) not nearly as long as they usually are, and overall, the show moved at a really good clip…even without the benefit of Tivo.

Christine marking her ballot!

But hands down our favorite moment of the night was when Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova took home the gold for their beautiful song from “Once”. If there is anyone reading this who has not seen that movie yet, then go rent it RIGHT NOW. Truly one of the best films of the year and the fact that Jon Stewart allowed Irglova back up onstage to finish her speech just shows you how much the movie rocks. If it touched his cold, cynical heart, it will surely touch yours. Seriously…check it out.

Also glad to see the awards spread out over so many movies. I hate it when one or two movies dominate the night, and with all of the films nominated for Best Picture scoring at least one win — even bloody “Atonement” for that cool at first, but ultimately annoying “typewriter key” music…yikes! — none of the major movies went home totally empty handed. So…hooray for Hollywood.

And finally, and I gotta mention the rocking Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Those guys were f-ing hilarious! Seriously, I coulda watched that Halle Berry-Judy Dench bit all night long! Also kind of dug some of those cheesy flashback clips of past winners. Babs looked great and we both got a little verklempt all over again at the sight of Steven Speilberg’s mom reduced to tears after his “Schindler’s List” win…beautiful!

Love to hear what you guys thought of the show, so comment away! Oh yeah, and just for the record, if and when I ever bag one of those bald dudes, let me tell you right now…I am so consulting Diablo Cody’s stylist. Awesome!


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5 responses to “The year without an Oscar Party…

  1. tevana

    “Once” sounds like a film…is it? I’m not sure I can handle that.

    I miss Christine, send her home soon! 😉

    I miss you too Tom, but you don’t knit with me and let me bitch endlessly! Would you? When are you coming back?

  2. Okay, I just wrote the LONGEST response to this blog post, and then I hit the “BACK” button by mistake. Then when I hit the “FORWARD” button, everything I wrote was lost. 😦

    Well I don’t feel like re-typing it, so I’m taking it as a sign that my comments were never ment to be written about.

  3. Aunt Debbie

    Well, for me the biggest Oscar surprise was Julie Christie NOT getting the Best Actress Oscar! She totally deserved it! “Away From Her” was incredible!

    Tommy, I agree with your assessment of Diablo Cody’s stylist. She had the best look of anyone that nite!! And could she possibly have a cooler name!!!??

    Have fun in Sante Fe. Miss you & love you

  4. Yeah that soundtrack to ONCE is amazing along with the movie. I just hope the Diablo Cody stalker wasn’t standing outside the receiving area dress in the same tiger print dress that she had just so he could add another thing to the list of things he has in common with her.

  5. ps- I got my day job back again in Burbank. Let me treat you somewhere when you get back.

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