Remain calm…

OK, contrary to several major media reports, the WGA strike is NOT over. Not by a longshot. What is true is that the WGA negotiating committee has called a meeting for all members in good standing on both coasts to discuss the details of a possible tentative agreement with the AMPTP.

Patty doing some strike yoga on the line @ NBC (Jan. 10, 2008)

To clarify another rumor swirling around town (and beyond!) we will NOT be voting to ratify the new deal at this meeting. This gathering is strictly informational, with the WGA leaders briefing us on what’s been happening in the negotiating room, and us sounding off on it. WGA leaders on both coasts have assured us that they will not act on anything until AFTER they hear what we have to say at this meeting.

That would mean a vote to accept or decline the latest offer from the AMPTP would happen sometime next week at the earliest. So, for now, chill out, stay strong and definitely don’t believe everything you read. And if you’re feeling really anxious about things, you can always relax the way mi amiga Patty and I do on the picket line…strike yoga!

Actually, Patty’s the only one who does the yoga…I usually just take the pictures and eat. But, hey, whatever gets you through the strike.

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  1. …. but … but … but … George Clooney said you were close to sealing the deal … what gives?

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