Que viva los voters!

Wow…talk about Super Tuesay. In my entire life as voter I have never had a harder choice to make. Both Clinton and Obama would make bad-ass presidents, and I was literally on the verge of flipping a coin at one point.

In fact, when a Clinton pollster called our house as we were preparing to leave to vote, Christine answered her quite honestly by saying that she was still undecided but would make up her mind when she got there.

Go, Obama! (Feb. 5, 2008)

We were like a couple of undecided Kennedy cousins unsure of whether to listen to Caroline and Uncle Teddy or Kathleen and Kerry. It was madness…

As you can see from the picture, we did eventually decide on who to vote for, and though our man didn’t win in California we can hardly complain, since, as I said above, we really like them both. I say join forces now and rule the galaxy! I seriously don’t care if it’s Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton, as long as you keep my true favorite little Johnny Edwards in there somewhere as Attorney General.

But whatever the final outcome in this truly unprecedented election year, I think the most exciting news yesterday was the whopping Latino voter turnout. I read somewhere that a record-breaking 29% of Latinos voted in California yesterday. That is so awesome! I don’t care who they voted for, just the fact that they came out at all is pretty damn incredible.

So rock on, hermanos and as I said above…que viva los voters!


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5 responses to “Que viva los voters!

  1. I was actually one of the 29% of latinos who voted, so there!

    Although since I’m independent, I didn’t get to vote for anybody exciting … just a bunch of boring state propositions.

  2. What do you mean you couldn’t vote for anyone exciting? Our ballot had a place to choose that you wanted to vote for democrats if you are registered as an independent. You didn’t have that??

  3. We are non-partisan, but asked if we could vote for a Democrat and they gave us the ballot with the presidential choices on it. Another non-partisan guy, right next to us, heard this and asked if could vote for his Republican choice, and they said that deal was only for Democrats.

    I’m pretty sure you had to specifically ask, or the person you dealt with at the polling place figured out what you wanted and handed you that.

    I was surprised to find out that the ‘open primary’ was found to be unconstitutional. Apparently thing was shot down a while back by the Supreme Court with Scalia writing the majority opinion against it, so that kinda tells you who, politically, was fighting it.
    But, the argument against it– basically, that a political party has a right to decide who they run for office without outside interference– does make sense to me.


  4. I vote early via absentee ballot. I got a thing in the mail saying I could request a democratic ballot, but I forgot to mail it back by the deadline. So all I had was state propositions.

  5. But if I had a democratic ballot, I would have given it to Hillary (unlike your woman-hatin’ asses). 🙂


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