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Best Cherry Coke ever!

I’m sure many of you already know this, but chain of chains TGIF has a Cherry Coke on their menu that is just…wow…truly heaven-sent. I mean, Cherry Coke on tap or in a can is one thing, but the cherry-tastic TGIF concoction is quickly becoming my drink of choice out here in snowy Utah!

Cherry Coke to die for! (Feb. 2, 2008)

Not only does it have the taste and look of a classic soda fountain Cherry Coke, but it is also deceptively simple to make. I can say that with some authority, because, well…I watched my waiter make me half a dozen of these bad boys. OK, not really half a dozen…but MANY.

To make this awesomeness at your own house, simple pump three or four squirts of Monin (or at least it looked like Monin) cherry flavored syrup into an ice-filled cup, splash some Coke on top and Bob’s your uncle. Simple, delicious and, as I said above…heaven-sent! Seriously, you’ll die…

So, make some at home if you want, or, if you have a TGIF in your neck of the woods — which, sadly, I do not — check this stuff out in person…it’s amazing! Oh yeah, and the Jack Daniels baby back ribs aren’t bad either…


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Flying Jet Blue…

OK, I know I’ve totally abandoned my blog duties this past week…but have been traveling like a madman lately. Tagged along for a day and a half with Christine last weekend to San Francisco — I’ll post more on that brief jaunt and the fantastic food we enjoyed there in a couple of days — and am writing this post right now from my hotel room in Provo, Utah. Yep, I said Utah…

My empty-ass Jet Blue flight to Utah!

Anyway, one of the coolest things about traveling so much recently is that on my flight out here I finally got to sample the rocking cool Jet Blue airlines…and let me tell ya, the TV’s in every seat are only the beginning! I’ve flown other airlines with TV screens in the seat, but never in my life have I flown an airline with that much flipping legroom!

The brochure in the seat back jokingly said that there was so much room, you could actually do Yoga inflight. And though I didn’t try, I don’t doubt it, baby! I never had so much legroom. And best of all, since there were only like, 12 people on my flight (guess there’s not too many folks heading to Utah on Saturdays) there was plenty or arm and head room too!

Watching Sci-Fi channel inflight! (Feb. 2, 2008)

I literally had separate seats for my iPod and digital camera…crazy! So, while I still love me some Southwest, I gotta say that if I could fly Jet Blue wherever I go, I totally would. Que viva la legroom!

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