Chili Spaghetti for 12,000…

While our WGA leaders peruse the finer points of the DGA’s deal with the AMPTP this weekend, I thought today would be a perfect time to thank Mr. Drew Carey for his much-needed support of our cause. Why Drew Carey you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Bob’s Big Boy goes Union! (January, 2008)

Since mere days after the strike began, Carey began paying the tab for each and every card carrying WGA member who ate at his favorite haunt, the historic Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake. Rock on, Mr. Ohio…this “Price” isn’t just “Right”, it’s perfect! The deal includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, whatever you want on the menu, Drew’s got you covered.

And let me tell ya, I’m gonna owe him a lot of Pappy Parker’s Fried Chicken by the time this strike is over. Seriously! Thanks to Mr. Carey’s kind offer, myself and dozens of other grateful striking writers have been “Bob’s-ing” it quite often these days. And yes, since my strike captain (and frequent Bob’s-mate, Aaron) first coined the phrase, we are using the term “Bob’s-ing” as a verb.

Me & my new best friend, Bob’s Big Boy! (Dec. 5, 2007)

Aside from leaving him a Christmas card at the front desk (signed by a bunch of us regulars) Aaron and myself have actually ran into Drew at Bob’s twice. The first time we saw him, we thanked him for his “food support” and shook his hand. The second time, we left him alone, fearing he might recognize us and cut us off or something. Ha! Actually, he looked kind of engrossed in his reading, so we left him alone…

So until our paths cross again in the car hop, thank you, Drew Carey for keeping a bunch of rowdy, foul-mouthed writers fed on a daily (and sometimes TWICE daily) basis. Go, union!

Oh yeah, and for the record, I have not sampled the chili spaghetti myself, but Aaron swears by it.


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4 responses to “Chili Spaghetti for 12,000…

  1. I STILL have not Bob’s’d yet!

  2. We owe enormous gratitude to Drew Carey for keeping our favorite blogger and WGA-member Tom fed during this strike. Were it not for his generosity, Tom would surely be on the verge of starvation.

    That’s why we need the help of blog readers like you. If you and just five other people contribute just $10 a day, you can help keep Tom and others like him get their much needed nourishment.

  3. yeti9000

    Thanks for the donation drive, James…if I get enough money, I might just treat you to some Pappy Parker’s Fried Chicken at Bob’s as well!

    And fear not, Slackmistress, there is always times to “Bob’s” with us. Let’s do it before the picket line one day this week!

  4. I tried the “Chili & Spaghetti Size.” I don’t understand the name and was kind of underwhelmed by the dish…it was, um, interesting, but not one for a second try.

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