The Ron Paul Revolution…

On Monday, firebrand Republican Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul made his way across the WGA picket line for a pre-New Hampshire primary sit-down with “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno. And though I missed Paul’s dramatic arrival at NBC’s back gate, I did get to meet boatloads of his fervent supporters out front after the show, and man alive, do these folks love Ron Paul.

“Ron Paul Revolution” signs @ NBC Burbank (Jan. 7, 2008)

I don’t know too much about Paul’s politics, and even though his crossing a picket line to appear on Jay’s currently writer-less show calls to mind a certain Huckabee that I hate, I must say that anyone that engenders that much fanatical support from their followers has gotta be doing something right.

I’m not kidding, these guys were impassioned! And as soon as the “Tonight Show” taping ended, they hurried over to our Strike Captains on the picket line to explain exactly why Paul had crossed the line.

WGA members meeting Ron Paul supporters! (Jan. 7, 2008)

According to them, Paul was angry after being completely shut out of the last couple of televised Republican debates, so when the offer came (apparently from Jay himself) to appear on “The Tonight Show”, he took it.

I don’t know if I exactly buy Paul’s excuse, but either way, that dude got his message out! Big time! Watching the show later, I was stunned by how totally rational Paul sounded. Especially for someone who said his favorite Democratic candidate is Dennis Kucinich. I mean, hell, I love Kucinich myself, but wow, aligning yourself with a little stoner like “Tiny K” takes guts!

Me and Ron Paul’s number one supporter! (Jan. 7, 2008)

So, even if I didn’t see eye to eye with Paul (or his fiery supporters) on everything I still gotta give the guy credit for maintaining such an intelligent, well-spoken and insanely loyal following.

And though that charming older woman in the red shirt (above) scared me a bit — Christine said you can see the fear in my eyes — I’m still proud to live in a country where people like Paul and Kucinich can run for the highest elected office in the land…even if they have no chance in hell of winning.

Rock on, America!

The fiery Ron Paul sunset @ NBC Burbank (Jan. 7, 2008)


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5 responses to “The Ron Paul Revolution…

  1. You can TOTALLY see the fear in your eyes!

    I wish I had been there, I would have totally done the “oooh, I love his ‘Supermodel’ song!”

  2. I can’t vote for him in the primaries because I’m independent, but if he gets the nomination, I’m so there. Anybody who wants to get out of the pointless Iraq war, eradicate the IRS, and maintain that the federal government should have absolutely no say one-way-or-the-other about defining marriage is my kind of guy.

    And did I mention that he’s a gynecologist? How cool would it be to have a president who has seen more female parts than Bill Clinton! 🙂

  3. Hey James,

    You can vote for candidates from any party in California– we have an open primary.

    But watch out for those guys…
    they’ll suck you in with “legalize marijuana” “no war” “no irs” and that sort of thing– but if they ever had real power, they’d make every freeway a toll-road.

    And ask him what he thinks of unions.
    You won’t like his answer.


  4. In that previous post, James, I assume you’re living in California.
    I wasn’t gloating or whatever.

    BTW Tomas, that photograph at “magic hour” is effin’ amazing!


  5. yeti9000

    Thanks, Damon! Yeah, these later shifts at NBC are really lending themselves to some cool shots…

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