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When the news broke last week that Jay and Conan would be returning to their talk shows on January 2nd without their writers, our usually sleepy picket line at NBC was kinda swarming with reporters.

Most of them wanted to speak to the striking Tonight Show folks (as well they should, since they no doubt had much to say on the subject) but one lucky gal, Maureen Ryan, from the Chicago Tribune’s TV blog “The Watcher” got me and Nina (aka The Slackmistress) instead.

Nina & I @ the Hollywood Solidaritary Rally (Nov. 20, 2007)

Hilariously enough, a few of our pearls of wisdom actually found their way into Ryan’s article. Nina talked about how some online haters accused her of “ruining Christmas” for all the below the line workers in town and then went on to talk about the fact that many of us in this business (even before the strike) have day jobs to help make ends meet. Good stuff, right?

So, then I read my quote, reprinted below as it appears on Ryan’s blog:

Writers are getting a lot of exercise on the picket line (they are required to picket for 12 hours per week, though there is a vacation break that starts Wednesday). But they’re also getting a lot of treats. “I thought I’d lose more weight,” film scribe Tomas Romero said. But with members of the public and strike supporters bringing by doughnuts, smoothies, sandwiches, cookies and other treats, it’s hard to slim down.

How nice. Lovely to know that in the midst of this unending turmoil and economic hardship, I’m worried about not losing more weight. Urgh…what a loser. Guess I should stick to chanting on Fox…

If you wanna check out the entire article, which, my lame quote aside, is very entertaining, please visit: TheWatcher/


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3 responses to “Chicago Tribune Article

  1. Hey, at least she spelled your name right! 🙂

  2. I thought she was just going for a slice of life sorta thing. Or could it be…a SLICE OF YOUR MAN PIE?

    (Please tell me you’ve filled your lovely wife in on this!)

    The ruiner of Christmas

  3. yeti9000

    Ha! Yes, she’s heard the tale. And trust me, “O’ ruiner of Christmas”, the Farmer’s Daughter has had more than her fair share of my “man pie” over the years… 🙂

    Oh, and speaking of food, I also make excellent “man enchilladas” at Christmas!

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