Carson Daly Heckled…

Much to the delight of everyone here on the Carson Daly Taskforce, we were thrilled to hear the news that Carson Daly was heckled by “covert op” strike supporters at a taping of his show on Wednesday night. Heckle away amigos!

Apparently, the heckling began just after Carson introduced his first guest, former NFL great and “Dancing With The Stars” season two regular, Jerry Rice.

Carson picket signs @ NBC Burbank (Nov. 29, 2007)

After the applause died down and Daly started talking, someone in the crowd shouted out: “This isn’t that funny, where are the writers? Did a writer write that shit? Did you guys have a writer write that shit?” Stunned, Carson discontinued taping and the man was promptly ejected from the audience by security.

Clearly unsettled by the outburst, Carson asked Rice if he’d mind starting the interview over again from the top. Rice agreed and left the stage for Carson to reintroduce him to the crowd. Almost immediately after the second interview began, another writer in the crowd stood up and said: “I feel bad about the writer’s strike, can I go?” Nearby two others chimed in: “I feel bad too. Do you?” “Yeah, I feel bad. Can we go?”

Taping stopped again and security, who was still ushering the first heckler from the building, hurried back inside to whisk these three away as well.

Literally speechless, Daly stared out at the shocked audience as Rice reportedly asked him: “What’s going on?” Nodding, a troubled Daly replied: “I know what this is about.” Really, Carson? You do? Then why’d you go back, dude?

WGA picket signs @ NBC Burbank (Nov. 19, 2007)

At this point in the show, someone from security reportedly took the stage and warned that audience that: “Anyone else interrupting the show will be prosecuted.” This same person then went on to say that: “Any striking writers in the crowd should leave right now.”

According to sources, over twenty people in various seats in the audience stood up and exited the building as the audience gasped. Ironically, one of them had just moments before been awarded an El Pollo Loco gift certificate for “being such a great audience member”. Ha, spend it wisely dude, times are tough this holiday season.

Visibly rattled, a ghostly pale Daly — who probably only really paled to a lighter shade of orange — asked a shaken Rice is he’d mind starting the whole thing over again from the top. Rice agreed and taping resumed on what was to be the second to last show of the year for Daly. Wow, though, crazy stuff huh? Almost make you feel bad for Mr. Mystic Tan…almost…

To hear a very badly (we’re talking “Blair Witch” quality) recorded audio-only clip of the heckling captured via someone’s cell phone, check out: CarsonHeckled

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  1. Poor Carson Kressley … he never seems to get a break. 😦

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