2008 Golden Globe Nominees

This morning in Beverly Hills, the unholy trio of “Heroes” cheerleader Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Reynolds and Quentin Tarantino (huh?) announced the nominees for this years Golden Globes. Don’t know how they picked that group of presenters, but either way, the awards season has officially begun! Yeah!

Kiera Knightley in “Atonement”

I should be glad that so many of our favorites made the cut this year — “There Will Be Blood”, “No Country For Old Men”, “Eastern Promises”, “Persepolis” and “Michael Clayton” — but I can’t help wondering how the Hollywood Foreign Press overlooked what was probably one of the freshest, most original movie musicals ever, “Once”, in favor of the guady, overcooked “Hairspray”.

I mean, did they see the same movie I did? Yikes. I haven’t seen a John Travolta picture this bad since…oh, wait, they usually suck don’t they? He is so over-the-top hammy in this role that I’m sure the original Edna Turnblat, the late, great Divine, could smell the burning bacon from beyond the grave. Really, I just hated him in this movie. Yikes…

Emile Hirsch and Hal Holbrook in Sean Penn’s “Into The Wild”

And to totally ignore “Into The Wild” (save for a song nomination for Eddie Vedder’s rocking “Guaranteed”) and the truly amazing performances of Emile Hirsch and an Oscar-worthy Hal Holbrook really is just madness. The raw power of this movie is really something to behold, and though it was overlooked here, I guarantee it will make a huge impact on Oscar voters next year.

Ellen Page as the very pregnant “Juno”

OK, so what about the nominees I’m rooting for? Loved Ellen Page in “Juno”, Viggo Mortensen rocked in “Eastern Promises” as a conflicted Russian mobster, Tilda Swinton dazzled in “Michael Clayton”, Amy Adams was luminous and downright magical in “Enchanted”, Cate Blanchett was fantastic in both her nominated roles “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” and “I’m Not There” and as you know, loved “No Country For Old Men” big time. But where’s the Globe love for Kelly MacDonald and Tommy Lee Jones? Jeez, man…

Viggo Mortensen in “Eastern Promises”

Also, while “Atonement” swept all the major categories, I can’t tell you how bored we were by this empty jewelry box of a movie. Beautiful cast at the top of their games? Check. Great period clothes? Check. Lush music and cinematography? Check. Any trace of real, earned emotion? Uncheck. I’m not saying the movie totally sucked, but, snooze…

Also overlooked by Globe voters was the hilarious Israeli film “The Band’s Visit”, the Spanish-language fright fest “The Orphanage” and Wes Anderson’s masterful “The Darjeeling Limited”.

Amy Adams in “Enchanted”

On the TV front, I was really jazzed to see ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” snag a few nods. We added this show to our Season Pass list late in the season and have been hooked ever since. A really great little show that can only be helped by the awards heat. So, congrats!

Anyway, could go on forever, but if you wanna check out the complete list of nominees for yourself, please visit the Euro-tastic homesite of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at: http://www.goldenglobes.org/nominations/



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2 responses to “2008 Golden Globe Nominees

  1. yeti9000

    Hey all-

    Had some technical difficulties with this post yesterday and inadvertently deleted Will’s comment about “30 Rock” not getting nominated as Comedy Series. Sorry, Will! But then, re-checked my post and realized I had copied the nominee list wrong and that “30 Rock” was indeed nominated for Best Comedy.

    Yikes…sorry for the mix-up guys. But the good news is that Will can sleep soundly knowing the “Rock” is in the running!

    Go, “30 Rock”!

  2. I definitely have a long list of movies to see now. Always appreciate your fresh take on the nominees.

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