WGA Strike: Week Six

Don’t know what it’s like by you, but down here, the network news — which is pretty much owned and operated by, you guessed it, the AMPTP — has been flooding the airwaves with sob stories about the Writers Guild ruining the holidays for several thousand unemployed “below the line” workers in other unions around town.

I know it’s been hard, and trust me, this strike sucks for everyone. But before you go blaming the writers for stealing presents out from under your tree, other union folks, you might want to consider the fact that the things the WGA are fighting for effect us all in very substantial ways.

So, in honor of the sixth week of the strike, I wanted to share with you a very cool WGA America clip from YouTube that addresses some of the concerns of our hermanos in other unions. I know it’s rough out there, guys, but trust me, we are all in this together…

Enjoy, and que viva la union!

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  1. In the immortal lyrics of High School Musical, yes, “We’re all in this together!” 🙂

    Since I’m home sick with a bad cold, I figure I should at least do some blog commenting.

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