Associated Press Pic

Just did a Google news search for Mr. Ric Francis — the Associated Press photographer who was shooting our Carson Daly Taskforce in action today — and found this lovely picture.

Not a great angle for anyone, but I guess I should be happy that some of us made the final cut at all. So, enjoy!

AP photographer Ric Francis’ pic of the Carson Daly Taskforce! (Nov. 29, 2007)

Anyway, there is a pretty cool accompanying story about the breakdown of AMPTP/WGA talks earlier this evening (down with rollbacks!) and the events of the day at NBC. It was co-written by a super cool AP contributing writer that tagged along with us all day today.

She was even there plugging her ears at our after-hours “action” as well, so this chick takes the term embedded seriously. Kudos to you, Raquel Maria Dillon!

Check out the complete story at:


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3 responses to “Associated Press Pic

  1. Dude, guys like you and me need to follow the Tyra Banks camera rule, which is to always be aware of where the cameras are, and then give them your best angle. Me thinks someone needs to tune into America’s Next Top Model a little more often.

  2. America’s Next Top Model fired all of their writers when they wanted to join the WGA. So we have been boycotting that show for a long time. Plus, I just think the show stinks and I strongly dislike Tyra! 🙂

  3. I am a WGA supporter. I will gladly boycott Carson Daly. I’ve happily allowed you to wash your union shirts in our washing machine and fed your what must be starving tummies. But I cannot, nor will not, sacrifice the diva-fest that is America’s Next Top Model.

    (Besides, I just have to see how big Ms. J’s afro gets by the final episode)! 🙂

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