Carson Daly: Scabmaster

Wow, I thought that old scab Ellen Degeneres was bad…but even she didn’t sink as low as the scab-tastic Mr. Carson Daly did this week.

Rumored to be returning to his late night talk show — yep, believe it or not, that totally unfunny dude from “TRL” still has a show — for the first time since the strike began, Daly recently dashed off an email to his family and friends asking them for help coming up with material since his writers remain out on strike. He even went so to set up a “suggested joke” hotline where they could phone in jokes for him to possibly use on the air. And no, I’m not kidding. He really did this!

Me & the Hooters girls celebrating guild unity in Hollywood (Nov. 20, 2007)

So, I guess Carson Daly’s not just cheesy and untalented, but he’s also the tackiest scab in town. Nice work, dude.

In honor of Mr. Daly’s desperate and totally tasteless plea for jokes, I’m posting a pic of me posing with the staff at the “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” (I never understood that slogan) Hooters on Hollywood Blvd. following last weeks Solidarity march and rally. Carson Daly might be scabbing out, but as you can see, these Hooters girls are all union!

To read Mr. Daly’s scab hunt e-mail in it’s entirety, check out: I’d ask you to boycott “Last Call With Carson Daly” when it starts airing again, but really, has anyone ever even watched that thing? The last time I did, former “Fear Factor” host Joe Rogan was the only guest for the entire show. Joe Rogan?!

Yikes…’nuff said.


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3 responses to “Carson Daly: Scabmaster

  1. Tom F. Romero

    Mr Daly should have been more supportive. I am an avid viewer and am very disappointed in his actions.

  2. I didn’t think Carson Daly’s boring-ass show even had a writing staff. Did it?

  3. William Tatum

    He is one untalented piece of shit , alright !

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