Strike Turkey!

Christine and I got back into town very late Sunday night after the long drive home from Santa Cruz and man alive are we tired. Had an awesome weekend with family and friends, but, wow, what a crazy drive home.

We actually came to a dead stop on Highway 5 three times. It was like rush hour on the 405 but with no surface streets to turn off onto. Total insanity!

Our WGA picket sign Thanksgiving Day centerpiece in Santa Cruz (Nov. 22, 2007)

Anyway, I promise to post an entry soon about the totally amazing Solidarity With Writers march and rally that took place last week in Hollywood, but for now, wanted to get these cool Thanksgiving pics online.

As you can see, Christine and I brought one of our many WGA “We Support The Writers Guild of America” mini posters up to my Dad and Wendy’s house.

Christine rocking a WGA poster and a turkey wing on Thanksgiving day in Santa Cruz (Nov. 22, 2007)

Wendy & Christine showing their support with our WGA strike turkey in Santa Cruz (Nov. 22, 2007)

Aside from displaying it prominently in the rear window of our rocking Saturn Ion on the drive up, we also posed for many goofy pictures with it and even incorporated that shiny red and black sign into the lovely floral centerpiece on our Thanksgiving table.

We didn’t plan any of this ahead of time (honestly!) but I actually think the sign matches those WGA-red gerbera daisies quite nicely.

Dad and I carving up our strike turkey in Santa Cruz (Nov. 22, 2007)

That’s my Dad and I in the crazy picture with the knife, and my Stepmom Wendy sharing a turkey wing with Christine, but I think my favorite pic of all is the one with our longtime family friend Les holding the sign (below).

I didn’t even have to ask Les to pose, he just grabbed that sign and went with it!

Les showing his support for the WGA on Thanksgiving Weekend in Santa Cruz (Nov. 22, 2007)

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone, and I hope your turkey tasted as good as the righteous strike bird we stuffed down our gullets all weekend.

I dunno…maybe I’m just being optimistic about the renewal of contract talks this week between the AMPTP and our WGA leaders, but hand to God, that winged beauty tasted like victory! Que viva la union!


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8 responses to “Strike Turkey!

  1. Just when I thought we would get a brief respite from the strike news and simply read about a traditional American holiday, there it is in its red and black glory. Only a writer that, as Wan would put it, knows his potatoes, could link these two disparate events (and Lord knows you definitely know potatoes, mmm-kay?) πŸ™‚

    But I’m actually glad you tied it all together. It’s kind of like a mom who sneaks vegetables into the food of a fussy-eating kid (like adding spinach into meat loaf). You didn’t really want it, but when you got it, it wasn’t so bad, and then you end up better for it in the end. hehe

  2. Oh one more thing … 10 points to you for knowing the genus of daisy that was in the centerpiece!

  3. Of course Tom knows the genus of that flower. It’s only because it was what the bridesmaids carried at our wedding! Don’t give him too much credit! πŸ™‚

  4. Melissa

    You know–you guys should really tell me when you’re coming to Santa Cruz! It would have been great to see you.

  5. yeti9000

    I know, I know…we’re bad friends. 😦

    Holiday weekends are always crazy-busy with my parents. Next time we come up on a non-Holiday weekend we’ll totally rock Denny’s or Geoffrey’s with you for some Leonard-late-night fries and coffee!

  6. Melissa

    Cool. If you happen to have any plans to be here the weekend of 12/15 & 12/16…my choir will be performing in downtown Santa Cruz on Sunday, 12/16. We sing down there in front of O’Neill’s every year for the holidays. It’s fun. Of course, any other weekend would be fun, too.

  7. Tom F. Romero

    Great pictures I especially liked the one of Tom and his Father. He looks like a cool guy.

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