“Speechless Hollywood”

OK, I should totally be sleeping right now as I have another long day on the picket lines ahead of me, but I just discovered these super cool videos that have been floating around town all weekend and wanted to post a couple of them here.

Entitled “Speechless”, the clips are the brainchild of two prominent WGA members, writer/director George Hickenlooper and screenwriter Alan Serebof, and were designed to serve as a series of online Public Service Announcements featuring A-list actors voicing (or not voicing as the case may be) their support for the ongoing WGA strike.

Though some of the clips are a bit “actorly” at times, some of them are really quite cool. And the idea behind them is awesome. Who better to get the message out there than actors? Rock on, George and Alan, you guys rule!

Airing exclusively at DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com (which also has some killer up-to-the-minute updates on the strike by LAWeekly’s Nicky Finke) until Sunday night, the clips recently began appearing on YouTube and a number of other video sharing sites out there.

Hickenlooper and Serebof plan to continue the series with one (or more!) new clips posted every day that the strike continues, and the talent they have lined up is pretty impressive — Woody Allen, Ethan Hawke, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jane Fonda, to name a few — so future “episodes” could be pretty damn cool!

To see more of the existing clips and keep tabs on the new ones as they are posted, check out the “Speechless” blog at: SpeechlessWithoutWriters.com.


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2 responses to ““Speechless Hollywood”

  1. Tom F. Romero

    Great clips you writers are going to get what you deserve “a piece of the action” and well deserved it will be.

  2. yeti9000

    Thanks, Dad! We’re trying…if you’re interested, they have posted a couple more “Speechless” clips on the website, check them out at: http://www.speechlesswithoutwriters.com


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