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Solidarity With Writers March

This afternoon, as we end week three of our ongoing strike against the AMPTP, the WGA is staging a gigantic Solidarity With Writers march and rally in the heart of downtown Hollywood.

We expect upwards of 10,000 people from every union in town (including nurses, teamsters, musicians, actors, you name it) to join us in marching down Hollywood Blvd. in an historic show of union solidarity.

Labor Solidarity With Writers March on Hollywood poster! (Nov. 20, 2007)

It should be really cool and anyone who is interested in attending should totally swing by. Members of the Los Angeles City Council, SAG, the Teamsters, and the WGA negotiating committee will be joined by Golden Globe award-winning actress Sandra Oh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) during the march.

But most exciting of all is the prospect of a possible mini-concert by Grammy-winning singer, the freakishly beautiful Alicia Keys, who is tentatively scheduled to appear at 1:15pm. Yeah! I can finally see for myself if she’s an alien or not! I’m betting she’s human, but you never know…

Either way, it should be a memorable day, so if you’re around, grab a red shirt and join us! For further details, check out: www.wga.org


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