Bullhorn madness on Fox

Remember what I was saying about the bullhorn in my last post? Well, if you’re interested in hearing my chanting skills in all their “glory”, they appeared front and center in a segment on last nights Fox 11 News. The clip also has some rocking footage of the KT Tunstall set I mentioned before and even a brief interview with the sassy Scot.

While we were picketing outside NBC, the Fox News crew filmed us running through our entire litany of chants, and sadly, ended up airing one of our lesser ditties: “Keep your Tivos nice and filled…please support the Writers Guild!”

I know, I know…not my finest wordsmithery, but hey, you try coming up with new rhyming chants every few minutes for FOUR HOURS. It’s hard work!

SCREENCAP from Fox 11 News of me chanting on the picket lines outside NBC Studios, Burbank (Nov. 14, 2007)

Anyway, don’t know if the link here is still active or if Fox has it set up to change to a newer video clip every few hours, but give it a try and see what happens: www.myfoxla.com.

And at the very least, you can enjoy the blurry screencap provided above. But if you do get to watch the clip, stick around till the end where we serve up our second favorite chant of the day: “Ellen is no friend of mine…she danced across our picket line!” That’s right, we’ll give you something to cry about Degeneres!

Also take a moment to savor the irony of the fact that the news clip is embedded with an advertisement for the upcoming feature film, “Beowulf”. Hmm…and the AMPTP says they haven’t discovered a way to monetize the internet yet?

Ha! They’ve monetized the freaking nightly new, just imagine how much more they can get for scripted shows! Ooo, that’s good. I’ll have to try and work that into tomorrow’s chant…

What rhymes with monetize?


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2 responses to “Bullhorn madness on Fox

  1. That’s some nice bullhornin’ there.

  2. yeti9000

    I thank you, sir. My bullhorning skills have been improving daily…I’m thinking when the strikes over, I might just have to take this show on the road!

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