“Voices Of Uncertainty”

This was forwarded to me tonight by one of the writers on my WGA strike team. Culled from actual interviews with many of the CEO’s we’re striking against, it was put together and posted yesterday on YouTube by one of our more impassioned members.

I know the image quality is a bit wonky in spots, but this clip pretty much sums up what we’ve been saying about the AMPTP all along…and in their own words no less! Another fine example of classic “Hollywood accounting” in action. Enjoy!



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5 responses to ““Voices Of Uncertainty”

  1. It was interesting to read the reasons why Fox, above all the other major networks, was best positioned to handle a prolonged strike, what with their only needing to fill 15 hours a week of prime time programming, versus the 22 hours the other major networks have to produce. Combine that with the writerless (read: strike-proof) American Idol ratings juggernaut that begins in January, and the fact that they now own MySpace (which, along with YouTube and Facebook, is among the forces pulling the coveted 18-24 age bracket away from TV sets), and it makes me worry about the efficacy of the strike.

    Fortunately for you, ABC, CBS and NBC aren’t as well prepared as Fox to withstand an extended strike. And forgetting for a moment that I own stock in ABC’s parent company Disney, I say fight fight fight! šŸ™‚

  2. yeti9000

    Dear Mr. Rupert Murdoch,

    If you don’t stop using my friend James Gomez’s email account to send pro-FOX propaganda, I will have to shut you down myself.


  3. I finally watched this clip. It’s very compelling.

    But the most compelling argument in favor of the strike came from this op-ed piece I read in Newsweek from a New York-based screenwriter.

  4. Linda Romero

    If only more people could see this clip they would understand what it’s all about. Just the sheer numbers of revenue – how greedy can the studios be?????? I don’t get it – how can they expect to win?

  5. Tom F. Romero

    Hey I was just going over your new blog inputs on the strike and saw this clip. Amazing that the “WE” forgot to include the “WRITERS”. I guess nobody gives you anything unless you ask for or demand it. Don’t stop demanding even after the strike is over. This struggle will last forever.

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