“The Office Is Closed”

Thought you might enjoy this super cool YouTube clip of some of the writers and cast from “The Office” working the picket lines. Really funny stuff, but my favorite quote of the day (not featured in this clip) is one that Steve Carell issued to the press on Tuesday.

When asked why he didn’t show up for work this week on “The Office”, Mr. Carell (a hero in WGA circles right now for his stance) cited a case of “enlarged balls”. Ha, awesome! If everyone in town had cojones like Steve Carell, this strike would be over tomorrow. Enjoy the clip and que viva la union!


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3 responses to ““The Office Is Closed”

  1. Hey, ten points for you on figuring out how to post YouTube clips to your blog. For someone who just yesterday didn’t know what an alt tag is, you’re now becoming Mr. Multimedia. Right on!

    BTW, where are they picketing at? I can’t figure it out.

  2. yeti9000

    Not sure where they are striking, but I think that is a location shoot at “Michael Scott’s” condo…

  3. Aunt Debbie

    Hi Tommy,

    You totally ROCK!!! I saw your photo on the Getty site & ordred dozens for my friends. Hopefully you will autograph them one day soon. Seriously, I am really proud of you and hope this strike is resolved in the writer’s favor soon. Love you and love your blog!!! Keep the faith baby!!!

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